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Legal Writing Assignment Due Dates

Legal Writing I and II Deadlines

Academic Year 2014-15

Fall 2014

Closed Memo Due                           Monday, 9/15

Closed Memo Returned                   Week of 9/29

Closed Memo Re-Write Due             Monday, 10/13

Closed Memo Re-Write Ret'd           Week of 10/27

Open Memo Due                             Monday, 11/3

Open Memo Ret'd                           Week of 11/17

Statutory Research Ass't Due          Week of 11/17

Open Memo Re-Write Due               Monday, 12/1

Spring 2015

Trial Memo Due                               Monday, 2/23

Trial Memo Returmed                       Week of 3/9 (can be as late as  Friday, 3/13)

Spring Break                                   March 14-22nd

Appellate Brief Due                          Monday, 4/6

Charles Evans Hughes                     Friday, 4/17-Sunday, 4/19