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Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic

Students who intern in the Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Clinic engage in training and practice in mediation, arbitration and other ADR techniques. As part of the program, students participate in an interactive training process which enables them to develop and apply the necessary skills required for successful mediation practice. Upon successful completion of the formal training process, students become certified mediators.

After certification, students independently conduct "real world" mediations at various county courthouses as well as at the Center for Conflict Resolution. Typical cases include juvenile court cases, criminal misdemeanor cases, employment discrimination cases, landlord-tenant disputes, and various tort and contract matters. Students routinely interact with judges and attorneys, as well as the parties involved in the litigation. This highly regarded mediation certification is a valuable tool in future legal and ADR practice.

Students also assist the clinical professor in arbitrating cases and drafting arbitration opinions. Arbitrations are conducted at the Better Business Bureau, the Cook County Mandatory Arbitration Center, the National Association for Securities Dealers ("NASD") and U.S. Steel.