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Seventh Circuit Review

Forthcoming Issue

Volume 9, Issue 2 (Spring 2014)

Criminal Law

Yes, We Were Wrong; No, We Will Not Make It Right: The Seventh Circuit Denies Postconviction Relief from an Undisputed Sentencing Error Because It Occurred in the Post-Booker, Advisory Guidelines Era
Gregory S. Dierdorf
9 Seventh Circuit Rev. ___ (2014) [Audio Synopsis]

Don't Break the Safety Valve's Heart: How the Seventh Circuit Superimposes Substantial Assistance on the Mandatory Minimum Safety Valve's Complete Truthful Disclosure Requirement
Adrienne N. Kitchen
9 Seventh Circuit Rev. ___ (2014) [Audio Synopsis]

Constitutional Law

Judge Posner Got It Right: Requiring Abortion Doctors to Have Hospital Admitting Privileges Places an Undue Burden on a Woman Seeking an Abortion
Kelly K. Koss
9 Seventh Circuit Rev. ___ (2014) [Audio Synopsis]

Employment Law

Conference, Conciliation, and Persuasion: The Seventh Circuit's Groundbreaking Approach to Analyzing the EEOC's Pre-Suit Obligations
Lisa DeLeon
9 Seventh Circuit Rev. ___ (2014) [Audio Synopsis]

Civil Procedure

Laundry and Cable Television: How the Seventh Circuit Preserved Consumer Protection Class Action Litigation from Washing Down the Tubes
Stephen D. Pauwels
9 Seventh Circuit Rev. ___ (2014) [Audio Synopsis]