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School of American Law for Caucasus & Turkey

The School of American Law for Caucasus & Turkey was launched in Tbilisi, Georgia with a dedication of Professor Richard Warner based on cooperation of Chicago-Kent, Law Firm KMG Georgia LLC and Educational Management Park LLC.

By establishing special overseas program for Caucasus & Turkey Chicago-Kent with its local partners KMG Georgia and Educational Management Park encouraged Caucasus legal community to meet challenges of effective professional integration into the globalized legal marketplace.

School of American Law Program (SAL program) is the first-and so far - the only program of this kind in the whole Caucasus providing unique study structure for law practitioners. SAL program encompasses two components: SAL Program in Caucasus and LL.M in Chicago. SAL program provides practitioner lawyers, litigators, mid and high career public servants, corporate lawyers, recent graduates and future lawyers with the superior quality of US legal education by offering different contemporary courses delivered exclusively by the Professors of Chicago-Kent. SAL program covers all the major contemporary disciplines, such as International Business Transactions, E-Commerce, Online Contracting, US & EU Privacy Law, Intellectual Property Law, Patent Law, IP Assets Management, Introduction to American Legal System, Legal Writing & Legal Research, Corporate Responsibility, International Criminal Law and all credits earned throughout SAL program are fully recognized by Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Students, who successfully complete the SAL program and are approved by our faculty for admission to the LL.M. program in U.S., International and Transnational Law, can complete the LL.M. degree in Chicago in one semester.

Applicants must hold a first degree in law, and must be proficient in English. All applicants are required to submit an application form including a personal essay, law school transcripts, and two letters of reference.

In recognition of exemplary dedication and success, SAL program for Caucasus and its Co-founders and directors Ms. Ketevan Jeladze and Ms. Maia Meskhi were recently granted with Awards for Outstanding Contribution.

SAL Program Contact Information for Caucasus Region & Turkey

Prospective students for the SAL Caucasus Region & Turkey should contact:


Maia Meskhi, CEO

School of American Law for Caucasus & Turkey


Ketevan Jeladze, Regional Director

School of American Law for Caucasus & Turkey


Program Faculty

Richard Warner 

Professor, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Head of School of American Law worldwide

Harold Krent

Dean, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Edward Harris

Assistant Dean & Associate Professor for International LL.M. Programs,Chicago-Kent College of Law

Thomas Hill 

Visiting Professor, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Bartram Brown 

Professor, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Maurine (Maury) Neiberg

Professor, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Joseph Bogdan

Professor, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Jonathan Decatorsmith

Professor, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Olta Andoni

Professor, Chicago-Kent College of Law