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Ready for a taste of law school?

During IIT Chicago-Kent's rigorous two-week Summer Prelaw Institute, talented high school students learn the art of oral advocacy, participate in dynamic class discussions, and gain valuable insight into the law school admissions process.

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Summer Prelaw Institute for High School Students

IIT Chicago-Kent's Summer Prelaw Institute offers a unique and unforgettable opportunity for motivated high school students who are interested in getting a "taste" of the law school experience. The rigorous and intensive two-week program will provide rising high school juniors and seniors with an in-depth and hands-on law school experience.

Students will read actual cases, participate in lively class discussions, and will be taught by law professors in law school classrooms at IIT Chicago-Kent. When not studying case law, students will learn oral advocacy and the fundamentals of the adversarial system from Chicago-Kent's nationally renowned trial advocacy faculty—including essential courtroom trial techniques. Students will demonstrate their knowledge by drafting a legal memorandum and acting as an attorney in a challenging mock trial.

2014 Program Dates

Session 1: Monday, June 16, to Monday, June 30
Session 2: Tuesday, July 15, to Tuesday, July 29

Application Deadline: May 15, 2014

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The goals of the Summer Prelaw Institute are threefold:

  1. to introduce the participants to law school and the legal profession;
  2. to provide the participants with a taste of classical doctrinal studies and essential professional skills; and
  3. to educate and prepare participants for the law school application and admissions process.

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What to Expect

  • You will learn how the American legal system works by reading and investigating landmark cases.
  • You will delve into the controversies courts struggle with as they attempt to apply the protections of the Fourth Amendment to rapidly evolving technologies, such as GPS tracking.
  • You will not sit idly by and listen to lectures—you will be an active participant in a law school classroom, taught by law school professors.
  • You will be introduced to underlying principles of law.
  • You will be provided with a tour of the Cook County Criminal Courthouse or Cook County Jail.
  • You will draft a legal memorandum, based on actual cases, that will be critiqued by Chicago-Kent faculty.
  • You will be trained by Chicago-Kent trial advocacy faculty in the fundamentals of trying a case.
  • You will practice essential legal skills such as opening and closing arguments, preparing cases, and readying witnesses for cross-examinations.
  • You may build your legal career portfolio by having your oral arguments, memoranda, and mock trial taped. Participants may have their work captured electronically in an e-portfolio that they can take as a keepsake for both academic/professional and personal use.

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