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Graduate Survey - Class of 2012

Each year the law school is required to collect employment information on its most recent graduates. Information regarding employment is used to compile statistics for the ABA. All information you provide remains confidential. We never release or publish any information that identifies any individual graduate by name or discloses a particular graduate's home or employer information. Please take a few moments to complete the brief survey below.

When filling out the survey, if you are employed in any way, including law clerking, temp job, paralegal, working for a family business or in a non-legal capacity, please indicate on the survey that you are employed and you are seeking other work. If you are unemployed and seeking or unemployed and not seeking, or enrolled in grad school, please also report that.

We do recognize that the current job market is challenging. If you are currently seeking employment, in addition to completing the survey, we strongly recommend that you call the Career Services Office, (312) 906-5200, to set up an appointment to discuss your job search in detail. Please note that as a graduate you may take advantage of the following services offered through the office: individual job counseling, job postings, networking opportunities, password for the LEXIS Career Library, and young alumni career programs.

Thank you for your assistance. Please contact Jeanne Kraft, Assistant Dean of Career Services, at jkraft@kentlaw.iit.edu with any questions.

I. Personal Information

II. Employment Status

If you are enrolled in a full-time degree program, studying for the bar, or have a job with a deferred start date and are also currently employed in some capacity, please select the appropriate choice below and include your job on the "Job 2" section below.

If you are employed in ANY capacity--legal/non-legal/temporary/law clerking/etc., please check off that you are Employed and are seeking other work under Search Status below.

Employed in a position for which you receive a salary or stipend
Employed - Received/accepted offer but start date is deferred.
Deferred start date:
Enrolled in a full-time degree or certificate program
Seeking work
NOT seeking work at this time

If you are continuing to seek employment, please list practice areas you are most interested in:

If you are continuing to seek employment, please indicate your Employer Preference (e.g., law firm, government agency, public interest, corporation, other alternative career employers, etc.):

If you are not employed, are you volunteering?:
Yes, in a law-related capacity
Yes, not in a law-related capacity

If employed, please indicate the type of job:
Bar admission required/anticipated (includes judicial clerks)
JD advantage
Professional other (please describe)

Non-professional other (please describe)

Is job: Full-time Part-time

III. Employment Information

Job Title:
Business Address:
City: State: ZIP:
Phone: Email:

Timing of offer

Before graduation
After graduation, but before bar results
After bar results

Date on which you started or will start your job:

Source of job
Please mark the one choice that best describes how you learned of and made initial contact with the employer. If you received an offer from your summer employer, or the employer for whom you worked during law school, indicate how you initially made contact with that employer.

Responded to job described in career services' posting/blind listing/direct contact listing
Returned to or continued with pre-law school employer
Interviewed during on-campus interview program
Interviewed at job fair or consortia event
Referred by business colleague, friend, relative, alumni, or school personnel
Commercial (non-school) internet job site
Used a temp agency or legal search consultant
Initiated contact by means of a targeted mailing or informational interview, or through networking
Started own business or practice

Did the employer hire you on a short-term or long-term basis?
Please note: A long-term position from the employer's perspective may be one that you consider short-term, while, for example, you continue to seek a different job. Please indicate the type of job from the employer's perspective.

Hired on a short-term basis. Duration is fixed at less than a year.
Hired on a long-term basis. Duration is 1 or more years or does not have a known end-point.

        If employer hired you on a long-term basis:
        Job has a known or fixed duration (e.g., 1 year, 2 years or project based)
        Job does not have a known end-point

Search Status (Mark only if you are employed)

I continue to seek a job other than that described here
I am not seeking a job other than that described here

IV. Employment Sector - Please complete EITHER A, B, C, D, or E

A) If your primary job is in law firm private practice

Type of law firm office
Employed at main branch (or only) office/firm headquarters
Employed in branch office of firm

Total size of law firm (Mark only one for size of entire firm by total # of attorneys)

Size of law office (Mark only one to indicate size of office where you are/will be working. Note: office size may not exceed firm size)

Firm is a public interest law firm.

Type of Law Firm Job

Primary area of practice

B) If Job is in Business or Industry

Type of Employer
Legal Temporary Agency
Accounting Firm
Investment Banking Institution
Entertainment/Sports Management Company
Insurance Company
Management Consulting
Publishing House
Technology/E-Commerce Company
Trade Association, Union, or Political Campaign
Other Business or Industry (please describe)

Type of Job
Temporary Attorney Work
Temporary Law Clerk or Paralegal Work
In-House Legal
Business Development/Sales/Marketing
Human Resources
Other (Please Describe)

C) If Job is in Government:

Level of Government:

Type of Job:
Judicial Clerkship
Judicial Other (e.g., staff attorney, research attorney)
Military Position (JAG Corps)
Other Military Position
Agency Honors Program
Other (Please Describe)

D) If Job is in a Public Interest Organization or Other Nonprofit:

Type of Job:
Community Education and Organization
Direct Legal Services
Public Defender or Appellate Defender
Other (Please Describe)

E) If Job is in Academia - Type of Employer:

Law School
College or University
Elementary/Secondary School
Other (pease describe)

Type of Job:
Research Assistant/Fellow or other temporary position

V. Starting Salary

(Please Note: This information is never used with your personal information. It is only to calculate salary ranges for different types of employers; information useful to students and graduates when negotiating salary)

per year hour

per year hour

Job is funded in whole or part by grant from an outside organization (e.g., Skadden, EJW fellowship)
Job is funded in whole or part by law school.

VI. Job 2 Information (complete only if you have a job concurrent with that above)

Job Title:
Area of Practice
Business Address:
City: State: ZIP:
Phone: Email:

Type of Job

Bar admission required/anticipated (includes judicial clerks)
JD preferred, law degree enhances position (e.g., accounting firm, law school administration, etc)
Professional other (please describe)

Non-professional other (please describe)

Job 2 is Full-time Part-time

Job 2 Employer Type

Law Firm Private Practice
Judicial Clerkship
Public Interest