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Resume Books

A Resume Book is exactly what it sounds like, a collection of resumes that can be distributed to employers on request. Our resume books collect the resumes of students and recent graduates in a particular class (e.g. 2Ls) with similar interests (e.g. immigration law, real estate law, or working in the northern suburbs), and then notify employers who fit those criteria that the books are available for review. These books can also be used when an employer calls up our office looking for a particular type of student to clerk for them ("We are looking for a 3L interested in litigation who has worked as a 711 clerk."), so that we can respond quickly and efficiently to employer requests (in that case by looking at the 3L Litigation Resume Book for students who have been 711 clerks).

Here are some FAQs about Resume Books:

  1. Why should I participate?
    Resume books make your resume available to employers who are interested in seeking out students and recent graduates from Chicago-Kent who are interested in their area of law or geographic area. Some employers have decided to request resume books, rather than post open positions with our office, because they prefer to do a quick scan of student resumes, rather than collect resumes and cover letters from students over a period of days or weeks.
  2. Do I have to participate?
    No, the Resume Books are "opt-in." Only students who choose to participate will be included in Resume Books.
    If you do participate, you authorize the CSO to make your resume available to any employer who requests the Resume Books into which you have placed your resume, and you have given our office permission to send your resume in response to a telephone or email request for students interested in a particular practice area or geographic region. However, you are not obligated to accept interviews or offers resulting from your participation.
  3. How do I participate?
    In Symplicity, click on the "Documents" tab, then click on "Opt-In Resume Book." Under your resume of choice, click "Select Resume Books." Create a "Label" for your resume (make sure to include your first and last name in the label, such as "John Doe Resume").  Next, under "Target Opt-In Resume," you will see a drop down list of Resume Books for your class year. Select the correct Resume Books and then click on "Submit."
    Please Note: If you have not had your resume reviewed since last summer, you will need to have your career advisor review it before you can opt-in to a Resume Book. Your resume can be emailed to your career advisor for this purpose.
  4. When does this start?
    Fall 2014 Resume Books are available to "opt-in." You can upload your resume into Symplicity at any time, and can begin choosing Resume Books. An announcement will be sent to all employers in the Symplicity system regarding Fall Resume Books on Monday, September 8, 2014; while you can opt-in or change your resume book choices at any point during the semester, we recommend opting-in before this date, as we receive the most requests for resume books immediately after the email is sent.
  5. How many Resume Books can I join?
    You can opt in to only 3 practice area Resume Books, but you are not limited as to geographic Resume Books (we do ask that you only opt in to a geographic Resume Book if you are serious about moving to that area). Any student who self-identifies as diverse is also welcome to opt in to the "Diversity Resume Book" for their class.
  6. Are the Resume Books indefinite?
    Resume Books will expire at the end of each semester and will be recreated for the following semester. You will need to opt-in again at the beginning of each semester. This is to prevent resumes from getting stale and to remind students to consider whether they are still interested in the same practice areas and/or geographic areas that they were 3 months prior. Reminders will be sent when new Resume Books are created.
  7. What if I find a job?
    If you find a job, and are no longer seeking new employment for the foreseeable future, you must remove your resume from the Resume Books you have selected, until such time that you begin seeking employment again.
  8. What if I change my mind about the type of law that interests me?
    As above, if you change your mind about the areas of law or geographic areas where you would like to work, we ask that you remove your resume from those Resume Books. Once you have done so, you can opt in to new Resume Books that fit your changed interests.
  9. Can I upload other job application documents to a Resume Book?
    Unfortunately, no. Cover letters and other documents can help paint a well-rounded picture of an applicant, but it would simply make the Resume Books too cumbersome for the employers, and it would be hard to manage and maintain. If an employer wants additional documents, they will contact you to ask.
  10. How will employers know about Resume Books?
    The Career Services Office will be sending emails to all employers in our Symplicity database telling them about our Fall Semester Resume Books on Monday, September 8, 2014. We will do this every semester as new Resume Books are created. We have also been mentioning Resume Books in our outreach efforts.
  11. Now that Resume Books exist, can I stop looking for a job?
    Definitely not! Resume Books are just one tool in your job search. We are not guaranteeing that Resume Books will lead to a job for everyone. However, we are trying to get as many student resumes in front of as many employers as possible, and we hope that Resume Books will accomplish that.

If you have additional questions about Resume Books, or would like your resume reviewed prior to opting in to a Resume Book, please contact your Career Services Advisor.