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Children and Divorce

Course Information

Course #: LAW 860
Degree: LLM Program
Area of Study:
  • Family Law

This course is designed to train the practitioner to become children's representatives, attorneys for the child and guardian ad litae. Issues will include rights of children, parents and the state, decisions about medical care, juvenile courts, child abuse and neglect, and education and the law. This course will also help students develop interview techniques to solicit requisite information necessary to effectively represent the child before the court. With the ever increasing number of cases in matters of paternity, adoption, and divorce, issues of psychology become more important in resolving the custodial placement of a child. This course will also instruct students in the use and value of the various psychological tests used by the court today. Students will learn how to prepare a case strategy using expert witnesses to their maximum potential as well as learning effective cross examination skills.

Credit Hours

Two credit hours.