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Fall 2011 Quick Guide

Online Registration

Initial Reading Assignments (revised 8/13/11)

  • New assignments added 8/13/11: Copyright Law (Prof. Lee), Graduate International I.P. Seminar (Prof. Lee), International Intellectual Property (Prof. Lee)

Revised Schedule of Classes (with Classroom Assignments) (revised 9/12/11)

Trial Advocacy 1 Section Assignments (posted 8/13/11)

Trial Advocacy 2 Section Assignments (posted 8/13/11)

Exam Schedule (revised 12/6/11)

Bookstore Hours (posted 8/13/11)

Registration Bulletin (posted 4/22/11)

Grid—Day (revised 8/11/11)

Grid—Evening (posted 4/22/11)

CALI Awards

Preliminary Spring 2012 Schedule (posted 4/25/11)

  • Please note: This schedule is only preliminary - there will be additions to the class list and other changes made before the schedule is finalized. The final schedule will be issued during the Fall 2011 semester, when registration for Spring 2012 classes will take place. If you have any questions or comments about the preliminary schedule, please feel free to contact me by e-mail (SSOWLE), phone (6-5282), or by stopping by my office (Rm. 320).

2011–2012 Academic Calendar

Course Descriptions

Faculty Biographies