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Mailing List Registration Form Instructions

  • List Owner
    • First and last name (required fields)
    • Who is responsible for the maintence of this mailing list?
  • Full name of Institution/Organization
    • This is a required field.
    • What is the name of the institution/organization where you are located?
  • Position within Institution/Organization
    • This is a required field.
    • What is your title within your institution/organization?
  • Street address, City, and State
    • What is the location of your institution/organization?
  • Email address
    • This is a required field.
    • What is your email address?
  • Phone
    • This is a required field.
    • What is your telephone number?
    • Please include your area code if you are outside the 312 area.
  • Co-owner
    • These fields are optional.
    • This is needed only if two people will be maintaining the mailing list.
  • Name of the Mailing List
    • This is a required field.
    • What do you want to name your mailing list? This will be part of the email address that people use to post messages. If you call your list MyList, then your email address will be
    • This field can not contain any spaces.
    • The Unix manager reserves the right to reject and/or modify the submitted name.
  • Description of mailing list
    • This is a required field.
    • This will become the comment that is listed when requesting list information.
  • Options
    • Archive Availablity
      • Owners and Subscribers
        • Owner(s) and subscribers of the list will be able to access the list archives via email.
      • Owners only
        • Only the registered owner(s) of the list will have access to the archives.
    • Digests
      • The frequency which the list digests will be sent out.
    • Is the list moderated?
      • The list moderator approves all messages before the messages can be posted to the list.
      • If the list is moderated, then the moderater's email address is needed. If the list is moderated and no address is entered, then the list owner's email address will be used.
    • Announcements Only?
      • Only list owners may post to the list. Subscribers may only read messages.

Contact the Unix Manager or the Help Desk for additional assistance.