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Web Page Registration Form Instructions

  • Full name of Organization or Department
    • This is a required field.
    • What is the name of the organization/department that will "own" this page?
  • Web Page Link
    • This is a required field.
    • If this is a new web page, enter NEW PAGE. A link will be assigned to you.
    • If this is an existing page, enter the trailing portion of the URL. (for the ITS: enter /its)
  • Purpose of the Web Page
    • Describe the contents of the web page(s).
  • Primary Contact
    • Who is responsible(webmaster) for the maintence of this page? This is the person who will be authoring the page. This is the individual who will granted access to the web server.
      • First name, Last name (required fields)
      • Street, City, State, Phone
        • Students/student organizations should provide their local information, not the school's information.
      • Email Address (required field)
      • Type of Web Page (required field)
        • Indicate who "owns" the page. This is not necessarily the author. A student worker designing a departmental page would select "Department".
  • Secondary Contact
    • These fields are optional.
    • This is needed only if two people need access to the web server.
  • For Student Organizations Only
    • These fields are mandatory for all student organizations.
    • Static web pages—Select this choice if you wish to use standard HTML for your web site. Choose this option if you wish to maintain a Record page for your organization.
    • Blogging web pages—Select this option if you wish to maintain your site in a blog fashion. Choosing this option will not grant you access to Chicago-Kent's main web site where Record pages are located.


The Web Page Registration Form works only in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Do not use any other browser or you will have problems.


If you need assistance, contact the Unix Manager or the Help Desk.