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Information Technology Services

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
565 W. Adams St., Suite 540
Chicago, IL 60661
P: (312) 906-5300
F: (312) 906-5177

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Student Printing/Copying/Scanning Information

Transition to PaperCut is now complete.  All print services are available at this time. Copy services are available in the Library.

  • Mobile printing will be unavailable until further notice.
  • Scanning will be unavailable until further notice.

Your free semester printing/copying quota is reset to $28. You can learn more about our new printing system PaperCut here.  

New Features:

  • Copy jobs can now be processed with your free semester quota.
  • Convenient website to check your copy and print transaction details.
  • One-Tap authentication with a PIN at the copiers.
  • Easy and convenient fund addition with TechCash.
    • Once you exhaust your free quota, TechCash enables you to add funds online 24/7 using your credit card or on a schedule with your bank account. 
    • You can learn more about TechCash and its features on our website here. Additional TechCash features coming later!
  • For refunds please visit our refunds page here.
  • For lost/stolen cards please follow the process here.

Print/Copy Allocation

  • Chicago-Kent College of Law provides $28 of printing and copying credit per semester for registered students.
  • Account balances are reset to $28 on the first day of classes every semester.

Print and copy jobs cost

  • One side black and white print: $0.07
  • One side color print:                 $0.15
  • One side copy (color/B&W):      $0.10
Printing Information
  • The name of the printers is Printall for black & white printing and Colorprintall for color printing.
  • A release station is setup next to each printer that students will log into with their Chicago-Kent username and password to release the job.
  • Black and white printouts can be released from any of the 5 print release stations by sending a job to the Printall printer.
  • Color printouts can be released from the print release station on the Concourse level by sending a job to the Colorprintall printer. 
Printer Locations


  • 9th Floor Copy Room in the Library
  • 9th Floor Computer Lab
  • 5th Floor Student Lounge
  • 2nd Floor
  • Concourse Level
  • Concourse Level
  • Copiers are located on the 9th floor copy room within the Library. Copiers are maintained and managed by the Library.
  • A scanning station is located in the 5th floor student lounge