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Lost Card

If your Chicago-Kent ID card is lost please follow the steps below to mark your card as lost in order to prevent misuse of the funds that you may have added.

  1. Login to Get!-MyHawkCardOnline website with your Chicago-Kent Credentials
  2. Click on 'I Lost my card' quick link on the right navigation pane
  3. Click on the 'Report my lost HawkCard' button
  4. Go to Bursar's office to pay for a replacement card or pay online here
  5. Take the payment receipt to the Registrar's to get a replacement ID Card
  6. All your account settings such as TechCash balance and PIN information will automatically carry over to your new card
  7. Your card should now be ready to use

Please note: If your card is found, you can click on the 'I found my card' quick link and continue using your ID card. You do not have to get a replacement ID card.