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Center for Law and Computers

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
565 W. Adams St., Suite 540
Chicago, IL 60661
P: (312) 906-5300
F: (312) 906-5177

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Web Page Naming Conventions

IIT Chicago-Kent's web pages are located on servers using different operating systems and certain conventions must be followed. All files and directories (folders) must be one word; no spaces! The use of question marks (?) and asterisks (*) is strictly forbidden. Do not use any special characters such as parenthesis '(', ')', apostrophes ('), quotes ("), exclamation points (!), etc. Hyphens (-) and underscores (_) are allowable. Student organizations should ensure all files end with a .html extension, not .htm.

The use of spaces and special characters places an extra burden on the computing resources of the school when attempting to locate the correct file. The spaces and special characters also interfere with normal web server maintenance.

To present more readable file names, you may mix the case of the letters, use an underscore, or hyphen in the name; SomeFileName.html, AnotherFileName.html, some-file-name.html or another_file_name.html.

Contact the Unix Manager if you require more information or have any questions.