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Privacy Policy

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, also known as the Buckley Amendment, protects the privacy of student records. The Act provides for the right to inspect and review education records, the right to seek to amend those records, and to limit disclosure of information from the records. The Act applies to all institutions that are the recipients of federal funding. The FERPA statute is found at 20 U.S.C. § 1232(g), and the FERPA regulations are found at 34 CFR Part 99.

Who does FERPA protect?

Students who are currently enrolled in higher education institutions or formerly enrolled, regardless of their age or status in regard to parental dependency. Students who have applied but have not attended an institution do not have rights under FERPA.

What is considered an educational record?

Any record that contains personally identifiable information that is directly related to you is an education record under FERPA. This information can also include records kept by the Illinois Institute of Technology student in the form of student files, student system databases kept in storage devices such as servers, or recordings or broadcasts which may include student projects. The records may be maintained by the Illinois Institute of Technology or by a party or organization acting on behalf of the Illinois Institute of Technology. Such records may include:

  •  Written documents
  • Computer media
  • Microfilm and microfiche
  • Video or audio tapes or CDs
  • Film
  • Photographs

How do I consent to the release of my educational records?

If you are an Illinois Institute of Technology student, you may authorize the release of your records to someone or some agency other than an Illinois Institute of Technology employee. In order for the University to release these records, we must have your written consent. To give your consent:

More information on FERPA can be found at the Registrar's site.

Student Email Policy

All official email correspondence will be sent to your IIT Chicago-Kent email address. This Chicago-Kent email address is assigned to all students at the time of admission. To view your Chicago-Kent email account and receive forwarding or activation instructions, please log into your myIIT account and click on check email.

In our communication with currently enrolled students at IIT, the Office of Financial Aid will only send correspondence about financial aid matters to a student's IIT email address.

The Office of Financial Aid recommends that students never send their Social Security Numbers at any time through email to the Office of Financial Aid.