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Christopher J. Buccafusco

Associate Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Center for Empirical Studies of Intellectual Property

Professor Buccafusco joined the IIT Chicago-Kent faculty in 2009 and was voted Professor of the Year by the Student Bar Association for 2009–10. He teaches Torts, Copyright, and a course on Law & Food. His research interests include intellectual property law, behavioral law and economics, law and psychology, and legal history. His recent work focuses on valuing creativity and innovation and on the application of happiness research to the law. His research has been supported by grants from Google, the Olin Foundation, and the Batten Foundation.  His published articles have appeared in the Columbia Law Review, University of Chicago Law Review (twice), California Law Review, Cornell Law Review (twice), and Georgetown Law Journal.

Before coming to Chicago-Kent, Professor Buccafusco taught for a year as a visiting faculty member at the University of Illinois College of Law. He graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law in 2004 and earned a B.S. degree from Georgia Tech in 2001. Professor Buccafusco is also completing a Ph.D. in legal history at the University of Chicago.

In addition to his teaching and research, Professor Buccafusco is the founder and commissioner of Chicago-Kent's annual Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Moustache Contest which raises money to support the Kent Justice Foundation.

Selected Publications

Happiness and the Law (Univ. of Chicago Press) (forthcoming 2014) (with John Bronsteen and Jonathan Masur).

Experimental Tests of Intellectual Property Laws' Creativity Thresholds, 92 Texas Law Review 1921 (2014) (with Zach Burns, Jeanne Fromer and Christopher Sprigman).

Innovation and Incarceration: An Economic Analysis of Criminal Intellectual Property Law, 87 Southern California Law Review 276 (2014) (with Jonathan Masur).

What's a Name Worth? Valuing Attribution in Intellectual Property, 93 Boston University Law Review 1389 (2013) (with Christopher Sprigman & Zachary Burns).

Do Bad Things Happen When Works Enter the Public Domain?: Empirical Tests of Copyright Term Extension, 28 Berkeley Technology Law Journal 1 (2013) (with Paul Heald).

Well-Being Analysis vs. Cost-Benefit Analysis, 62 Duke Law Journal 1603 (2013) (with John Bronsteen and Jonathan Masur).

Making Sense of Intellectual Property Law, 97 Cornell Law Review 501 (2012).

The Creativity Effect, 78 University of Chicago Law Review 31 (2011) (with Christopher Sprigman).

Retribution and the Experience of Punishment, 98 California Law Review 1463 (2010) (with John Bronsteen & Jonathan Masur).

Valuing Intellectual Property: An Experiment, 96 Cornell Law Review 1 (2010) (with Christopher Sprigman).

Welfare as Happiness, 98 Georgetown Law Journal 1583 (2010) (with John Bronsteen & Jonathan Masur).

Happiness and Punishment, 76 University of Chicago Law Review 1037 (2009) (with John Bronsteen and Jonathan Masur).

Hedonic Adaptation and the Settlement of Civil Lawsuits, 108 Columbia Law Review 1516 (2008) (with John Bronsteen and Jonathan Masur).

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