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A2J Author® Version Notes:

A2J Author® 1.0 achieved increased access to justice for self-represented litigants by enabling non-technical authors from the courts, clerk's offices, legal services and state-wide web site editors rapidly to build and implement customer-friendly, Web-based interfaces for document assembly and data collection.

A2J Author® 1.5 built on that success and incorporated many new features and enhancements, such as Response Prompts for Required Information, Save on Exit, Multilanguage Support (including pre-packaged Spanish language file), Avatar Color Option, Copy/Clone Question Functionality, Variable Picker, Hyperlink and Pop-up Enhancements, and several additional small, yet valuable, enhancements and bug fixes.

A2J Author® 2.0, in response to the requests of many dedicated authors, has added improvements to make the tool more efficient and easier for the authoring community to use. Enhancements included 1) Set Multiple Variables in a Single Condition, 2) "ROUND" and "TRUNC"(ATE) Numbers, 3) Alternative End Graphic Option, 4) "A2J Step" Variable to Set Custom Text in Sign Post, 5) Field Label Macros, 6) Insert Question Functionality, 7) Ascending and Descending Choice for Multiple Choice Lists, 8) Functions Now in Uppercase and Lowercase Letters, 9) Improved Numbering Scheme in Question List, 10) Clear All Audio Function, and 11) Several additional small, yet valuable, enhancements and bug fixes that make authoring A2J Guided Interviews® easier.

A2J Author® 3.0 increased the usability of the software for authors of guided interviews as well as included enhancements for the end users. Improvements include: 1) Question Copy/Paste, 2) Show Me Graphics & Show Me Video, 3) Exit to Save Incomplete Interview on LHI, 4) Select and Move Multiple Questions in the Flowchart, 5) Multi-file Uploader Tool, 6) Answer Saving Progress Indicator, 7) Cosmetics - Fonts are Black and Label Font Size Enlarged, 8) Go Back Button Branch Option, 9) Clear Media Button, 10) A2J Navigation TF, aka Back/Next/My Progress Author Control, 11) Logo Branding Option, 12) Report Option Enhancements, 13) Enlarge Option for Long Text Fields, and 14) Send Feedback Option.

A2J Author® 4.0 focused on improving the interview experience for the end-user. Some additions are "senior-focused" including the ability for the end-user to control the font size and sound volume. Version 4.0 also incorporated several new features as well as improvements upon existing features, including: 1) Audio/Video Start/Stop/Rewind, 2) Calculator, 3) Calendar, 4) Enhanced Save & Resume, 5) Volume Adjust and 6) Text Size Adjust.

For more information about A2J Author®, contact:

Jessica Bolack Frank
Program Coordinator
Center for Access to Justice & Technology
Chicago-Kent College of Law
565 W. Adams St., Suite 775A
Chicago, Illinois 60661
(312) 906-5331

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