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EREPJ: Vol. 16, No. 1 (2012)

Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal


Symposium: The Workplace Law Agenda of the Obama Admistration

Symposium Editor: Ruben J. Garcia

Ruben J. Garcia

Reforming the Age Discrimination in Employment Act: Proposals and Prospects
Michael C. Harper

Whistleblowers and the Obama Presidency: The National Security Dilemma
Richard Moberly

New Nip in the Bud: Does the Obama Board's Preemptive Strike Doctrine Enhance Tactical Employment Law Strategics?
Michael C. Duff

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Employment Discrimination as a Means for Social Cleansing
E. Gary Spitko

Off-Balance: Obama and the Work-Family Agenda
Rona Kaufman Kitchen