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Institute for Science, Law & Technology

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
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Institute for Science, Law and Technology

Assessments of our Future

With exponential development of technologies such as genetic testing and nanotechnology, the need for professionals trained at the complex intersection of science and law is greater than ever. The insatiable expansion of technology across an intricately connected globe raises new questions of ethics and legality. The Institute for Science, Law & Technology, a not-for-profit, cross-disciplinary collaborative effort at the Illinois Institute of Technology, trains leaders and provides in-depth, thoroughly-researched answers to the toughest issues that arise at the edges of science and law.

CK Privacy

CK Privacy

The CK Privacy program at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law provides an opportunity for students, faculty members, policymakers and the public to assess the ways in which technologies present new challenges to privacy and data protection, as well as to develop technical and legal ways to better ensure privacy and improve data protection.

Social Network Constitution

Social Network Constitution

How many things did you reveal about yourself online today? Your opinion of a colleague? Your credit card number? Your photos from last night? These activities are common, but where does the information we post-even on what seem to be the most private or friendly of forums-truly go? As many individuals have already learned the hard way, the same power of information sharing that can topple governments can also topple a person's career, marriage, finances, or even his or her future.

Institute for Science, Law and Technology Blog


Want to read about the latest intersection of the law with the latest advances of science and technology? Head over to the ISLAT Blog and discover subjects ranging from cryptography and privacy to genetics and bioethics.

On the Edges of Science and Law (ISLAT blog)

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