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Institute for Science, Law & Technology

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
565 W. Adams St.
Chicago, IL 60661
P: (312) 906-5122

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Institute for Science, Law and Technology

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Health on the Go, April 4, 2014Health on the Go: Medical Apps, Privacy & Liability
April 4, 2014, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Sponsored by ISLAT, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law

This is a free conference, but registration is required.
Participants are eligible for 5.00 hours of IL MCLE Credit.

For more information, visit the conference page or contact Colleen Canniff at

Assessments of our Future

With exponential development of technologies such as genetic testing and nanotechnology, the need for professionals trained at the complex intersection of science and law is greater than ever. The insatiable expansion of technology across an intricately connected globe raises new questions of ethics and legality. The Institute for Science, Law & Technology, a not-for-profit, cross-disciplinary collaborative effort at the Illinois Institute of Technology, trains leaders and provides in-depth, thoroughly-researched answers to the toughest issues that arise at the edges of science and law.

On the Edges of Science and Law (ISLAT blog)

  • The Cold Truth Behind Employer-Covered Social Egg Freezing

    By Nadia Daneshvar Salary. Health insurance. Long-term disability insurance. Flex benefits. 401(k)…and “baby insurance”? With the advent of egg freezing, women can have children practically whenever they want and with whomever they want, by simply having their viable eggs frozen while they’re still young. Imagine if your employer decided to cover the cost of preserving […]

  • Why Reporters Need to Learn Cryptography

    By Lori Andrews, JD They use burner phones as they cross borders.  They buy old Lenovo computers because there are fewer backdoors into those computers that allow surveillance. They are not spies or criminals.  They are investigative reporters trying to get on-the-ground stories to help us understand and sometimes change our world. Last week, The […]

  • Egg Donation is Made to Look Easy, but Questions and Health Risk Remain

    By Ryann Summers Recently, a former co-worker and his romantic partner sent me a text message that left me reeling. It essentially read: Hey, can I have ur eggs? Thx. Few couples would be better equipped to raise a well-loved child than these two men, and I fully supported their decision to start a family.  But […]