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Selected ISLAT Publications

Articles and Book Chapters

Lori Andrews, "Privacy and Data Collection in the Gameful World," in The Gameful World (Steffen Walz and Sebastian Deterding, eds.)(MIT Press, 2015)

Lori Andrews, "Social Networks: Impact on Biotechnology Research, Health Care, and Human Rights," in Biennial Review of Law, Science and Technology: Biotechnology, Health Inequality, and Distributive Justice (Institutum Jurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica: Taiwan forthcoming 2015).

Lori Andrews, "'The Progress Clause': An Empirical Analysis Based on the Constitutional Foundation of Patent Law," 15 North Carolina Journal of Technology 4 (June 2014).

Sarah Blenner and Melanie Koellmer, "Diabetes on the Go: A Study of 275 Diabetes Apps," Center for Diabetes Research and Policy, conference report for Health on the Go: Medical Apps, Privacy and Liability, (April 4, 2014). (pdf)

Michael Holloway, "Federal Agency Regulation of Mobile Medical Apps," Institute of Science, Law and Technology, conference report for Health on the Go: Medical Apps, Privacy and Liability, (April 4, 2014). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Where's Waldo?: Geolocation, Mobile Apps and Privacy," The SciTech Lawyer (Summer 2013). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Privacy and Technology: A 125-Year Review," in Then & Now: Stories of Law and Progress (IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law 2013)(co-edited with Sarah Harding). (pdf)

Lori Andrews and Jalissa Bauman Horne, "Sculpting Public Policy through Bioart," in Art et Biotechnologies 37-60 (Ernestine Daubner and Louise Poissant eds., University of Quebec, 2011). (pdf)

Lori Andrews and Julie Burger Chronis, "A Pound of Flesh: Patient Legal Action for Human Research Protections in the Biotech Age," in Patients as Policy Actors 83-108 (Beatrix Hoffman, Nancy Tomes, Rachael Grob and Mark Schlesinger eds., Rutgers University Press, 2011).

Lori Andrews and Jordan Paradise, "Genetic Sequence Patents: Historical Justification and Current Impacts," in Living Properties: Making Knowledge and Controlling Ownership in the History of Biology (Jean-Paul Gaudillière, Daniel J. Kevles and Hans-Jörg Rheinberger eds., Monograph, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, 2010). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Assessing Values to Set Policies for Consent, Storage, and Use of Tissue and Information in Biobanks" in New Challenges for Biobanks: Ethics, Law and Governance (Kris Dierickx and Pascal Barry eds., Intersentia, 2009). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, ed., "Symposium: Who Owns Your Body?," 84 Chicago-Kent Law Review 1-342 (November 2009).

Lori Andrews, "In Memoriam," 84 Chicago-Kent Law Review 1 (November 2009). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Who Owns Your Body? A Study in Literature and Law," 84 Chicago-Kent Law Review 3 (November 2009). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "How Art and Literature Can Contribute to Genetic Policy," 22 GeneWatch 4 (December 2009). (pdf)

Lori Andrews and Joan Abrahamson, "Making Art, Making Policy," in Imagining Science: Art, Science, and Social Change 1-2 (Sean Caulfield and Timothy Caulfield eds., The University of Alberta Press, 2008).

Lori Andrews, "DNA Inside," The Journal of Life Sciences 46-51 (June/July 2008). (pdf)

Lori Andrews and Jordan Paradise, "Genetic Sequence Patents: Historical Justification and Current Impacts," Living Properties:  Making Knowledge and Controlling Ownership in the History of Biology, Berlin, Germany (May 2008). (pdf)

Lori Andrews and L.A. Shackleton, "Influenza Genetic Sequence Patents: Where Intellectual Property Clashes With Public Health Needs," 3 Future Virology 235-241 (May 2008). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Is There a Right to Clone? Constitutional Challenges to Bans on Human Cloning," in The Reproductive Rights Reader (Nancy Ehrenreich ed., New York University Press, 2008). (pdf)

Lori Andrews and Julie Burger, "Thinking Small," The Journal of Life Sciences 48-53 (February/March 2008). (pdf)

Lori Andrews and Jordan Paradise, "Tales from the Crypt: Scientific, Ethical, and Legal Considerations for Biohistorical Analysis of Deceased Historical Figures," 26 Temple Journal of Science, Technology & Environmental Law 223-299 (January 2008) (pdf).

Jessica K. Fender, "The FDA and The Nano: Tiny Products Create Big Problems," 83 Chicago-Kent College of Law Review 1063 (2008).

Julie Burger and Justin Brunner, "A Court's Dilemma: When Patents Conflict with Public Health," 12 Virginia Journal of Law & Technology 7, 1-41 (Fall 2007). (pdf)

Julie Burger, "Stem Cells without Embryos: Solving Dilemmas for Human Rights?" 34 ABA Human Rights 14 (Fall 2007). (pdf)

Lori Andrews and Jordan Paradise, "Banning Gene Patents Can Bring Benefits," 1 BioWorld Perspectives 1 (September 20, 2007). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Tissue Culture," The Journal of Life Sciences 68-73 (September 2007). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Art as a Public Policy Medium," in Signs of Life: Bio Art and Beyond (Eduardo Kac ed., MIT Press, 2007).

Lori Andrews, "Patenting Life," The Journal of Life Sciences 38-48 (May 2007). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, Julie Burger and Marianne Timm, "Nanotechnology and the Intellectual Property Landscape," in Nanoscale:  Issues and Perspectives for the Nano Century 239-257 (Nigel Cameron and Ellen Mitchell eds., John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2007). (pdf)

Jessica K. Fender, "Patenting Trends in Nanotechnology," in Nanoscale: Issues and Perspectives for the Nano Century 239-257 (Nigel Cameron and Ellen Mitchell eds., John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2007). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, Jordan Paradise, Timothy Holbrook, and Danielle Bochneak, "When Patents Threaten Science," 314 Science 1395 (December 2006). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "The Battle Over the Body," Trial 22-29 (October 2006). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Who Owns Your Body? A Patient's Perspective on Washington University v. Catalona," 34 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 398-407 (2006). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "The Patent Office as Thought Police," Chronicle of Higher Education B20 (February 17, 2006). (pdf)

Marianne R. Timm, "Nanotechnology: U.S. State Government Promotion Through Legislation," 3 Nanologues 3-6 (2006). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Donors, Deadbeats, and Ghost Dads: Social Values and the Role Of Genetics In Determining Parental Rights and Responsibilities," in Genetic Ties and the Future of the Family: The Impact of Paternity Testing on Parents and Children 100-135 (Mark Rothstein, Thomas Murray, Mary Anderlik and Greg Kaebnik eds., Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005).

Lori Andrews, "Studying Medical Error in Situ: Implications for Malpractice Law and Policy," 54 DePaul Law Review 357 (2005).

Lori Andrews, Jordan Paradise and Timothy Holbrook, "Patents on Human Genes: An Analysis of Scope and Claims," 307 Science 1566-1567 (2005). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Harnessing the Benefits of Biobanks," 33 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 1-10 (2005). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Bioethics: The Beginning and End of Life," Illinois Issues 16-21 (March 2005). (pdf)

Lori Andrews and Jordan Paradise, "Gene Patents: The Need for Bioethics Scrutiny and Legal Change," 5 Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law and Ethics 403-412 (2005).

Lori Andrews, "The Body as Property in the Biotech Era," in Identity in a Digital Age (Bundesdruckerei, 2004).

Lori Andrews, "Havasupai Tribe Sues Genetic Researchers," 4 Law and Bioethics Report 10-11 (2004), reprinted in 31 Privacy Journal 5-6 (April 2005). (pdf)

Lori Andrews and Jordan Paradise, "Gene Patents and Bioethics," contribution to UNESCO's Extraordinary Session of the International Bioethics Committee, Paris (April 27-29, 2004).

Lori Andrews, Nancy Buenger, Jennifer Bridge, Laurie Rosenow, David Stoney, R.E. Gaensslen, Theodore Karamanski, Russell Lewis, Jordan Paradise, Amy Inlander, and David Gonen, "Constructing Ethical Guidelines for Biohistory," 304 Science 215-216 (April 9, 2004). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Legislators as Lobbyists: Proposed State Regulation of Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Therapeutic Cloning and Reproductive Cloning," Appendix E in Monitoring Stem Cell Research: A Report of the President's Council on Bioethics 199-224 (The President's Council on Bioethics, Government Printing Office, 2004).

Lori Andrews, "Mom, Dad, Clone: Implications for Reproductive Privacy," in Reproductive Technologies:  Readings in Bioethics (Thomas A. Shannon ed., Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2004).

Lori Andrews, "Changing Conceptions," in Living With the Genie: Essays on Technology and the Quest for Human Mastery (Alan Lightman, Daniel Sarewitz, and Christiana Desser eds., Island Press, 2003).

Lori Andrews and Erin Shaughnessy Zuiker, "Ethical, Legal And Social Issues In Genetic Testing For Complex Genetic Disease," 37 Valparaiso University Law Review 793 (2003).

Lori Andrews, "Breast Cancer Genetics and the Law," 6 National Lawyers Association Review 4 (2003).

Lori Andrews, "People as Products: The Conflict Between Technology and Social Values," 4 The Hedgehog Review 45 (Fall 2002). (Read about this issue of The Hedgehog Review)

Lori Andrews and Jessica Weiner, "The Donor Egg: Emerging Issues in Liability and Paternity," 25 Family Advocate 14 (Fall 2002).

Lori Andrews and Dorothy Nelkin, "Propriety and Property: The Tissue Market Meets the Courts," in Who Owns Life? (David Magnus, Arthur Caplan and Glenn McGee eds., Prometheus Books, 2002).

Lori Andrews, "The Ethical and Legal Issues Pertaining to the Patenting of Life Forms," in Engineering the Farm (Britt Bailey and Marc Lappé eds., Island Press, 2002).

Lori Andrews, George Annas and Rosario Isasi, "Protecting The Endangered Human: Toward An International Treaty Prohibiting Cloning and Inheritable Alterations," 28 American Journal of Law & Medicine 151-178 (2002).

Lori Andrews, "Genes and Patent Policy: Rethinking Intellectual Property Rights," 3 Nature Reviews Genetics 803-808 (October 2002).

Lori Andrews, "The Gene Patent Dilemma: Balancing Commercial Incentives With Health Needs," 2 Houston Journal of Health Law and Policy 65-106 (2002).

Lori Andrews and Dorothy Nelkin, "Surveillance Creep in the Genetic Age," in Surveillance as Social Sorting (David Lyon, ed., Routledge, 2002).

"DNA: Handle with Care, a Conversation with Lori B. Andrews," Harvard Business Review (April 2001).

Lori Andrews, "A Conceptual Framework for Genetic Policy: Comparing the Medical, Public Health, and Fundamental Rights Models," 79 Washington University Law Quarterly 222 (2001).

Lori Andrews, "Embryonic Confusion," 14 GeneWatch 5 (2001).

Lori Andrews, "Mom, Dad, Clone: Implications for Reproductive Privacy," 7(2) Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 176 (1998).  Revised for The Cloning Source Book (Arlene Judith Klotzko ed., Oxford University Press, 2001).  Reprinted in Reproductive Technologies (Thomas Shannon ed., Sneed and Ward, 2003).

Lori Andrews, "La Législation Américaine et Les Évolutions Prévisibles en Matière de Clonage et de Recherche sur les Cellules Embryonnaires," in Le Clonage, La Thérapie Cellulaire et L'Utilisation Thérapeutique des Cellules Embryonnaires 168 (M. Deputé, M. Alain Claeys, and M. Claude Hariet eds., Office Parlementaire d'Evaluation des Choix Scientifiques et Technologiques, 2000).

Lori Andrews and Michelle Hibbert, "Courts and Wrongful Birth: Can Disability Itself be Viewed as a Legal Wrong?" in Americans with Disabilities: Exploring Implications of the Law for Individuals and Institutions 318-330 (Leslie Pickering Francis and Anita Silvers eds., Routledge, Inc., 2000).

Lori Andrews and Nanette Elster, "Regulating Reproductive Technologies," 21 Journal of Legal Medicine 35 (2000).

Lori Andrews, "Banning the Clone," 11 ORGYN 16 (2000). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Money is Putting People at Risk in Biomedical Research," The Chronicle of Higher Education B4 (March 10, 2000). (pdf)

Selected Popular Press Articles

Lori Andrews, "Is Facebook Exploiting Our Info?," Cosmopolitan 30 (November 2012). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Can Your Social Networking Kill Your Job Prospects?," Tips on Life & Love, July 16, 2012, available at

Lori Andrews, "His Profit, Your Problem," New York Daily News Op-Ed (May 20, 2012). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Facebook is Using You," The New York Times Op-Ed (February 4, 2012). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Privacy, Please: How Facebook Jeopardizes Your Private Life," Playboy 167-168 (January 2011). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Who's Your Daddy?: A Sperm Donor's Life Has Become Awfully Complicated," Playboy 111-113 (May 2009). (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "Stop Baby Doctors from Going Wild: Risky Multiple In-Vitro Births Are a Growing Menace," New York Daily News Op-Ed 39 (February 15, 2009). (pdf)  

Lori Andrews, "Challenging Sperm Donor Privacy," Parade 14 (August 17, 2008).

Lori Andrews, "Paying Extra for Being Fat," Parade 6 (June 29, 2008).

Lori Andrews, "Lori Andrews Reads The Journalist and the Murderer in New Orleans, Louisiana," in Field Tested Books 74-75 (Coudal Partners, 2008).

Lori Andrews, "Fight for Your Health Care," Parade 14-15 (January 20, 2008).

Lori Andrews, "Secrets of the Grave," Parade 10-13 (October 7, 2007) (pdf)

Lori Andrews, "The Bones We Carried," The New York Times Op-Ed (June 22, 2007).

Lori Andrews, "Breaking the Law," Playboy 49-50 (April 2007).

Lori Andrews, "Michael Crichton Is Right about Gene Patents," (Jan. 23, 2007).

Lori Andrews, "Hands Off My Genes: Who's Looking at your DNA?" 53 Playboy 41-42 (March 2006).

Lori Andrews, "The Biotech Revolution: Gen-Etiquette," Christianity Today (October 1, 2001).

Lori Andrews and Nigel Cameron, "Cloning and the Debate on Abortion," Chicago Tribune Commentary (August 8, 2001).

Lori Andrews, "Embryos Under the Knife,", August 21, 2000, available at

Lori Andrews, "Embryonic Confusion," The Washington Post B1 (May 2, 1999).

Lori Andrews, "The Sperminator," The New York Times Magazine 60-65 (March 28, 1999).


Lori Andrews, I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did:  Social Networks and the Death of Privacy (Simon & Schuster, 2013).

Lori Andrews, Maxwell Mehlman and Mark Rothstein, Genetics: Ethics, Law and Policy (West Publishing, 3rd edition, 2010) (law school casebook).

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