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Latest issue of the Seventh Circuit Review now available online

March 6, 2014

The latest issue of the Seventh Circuit Review is now available online at www.kentlaw.iit.edu/7cr. The articles in the current issue analyze recent decisions of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit dealing with antitrust, constitutional law, consumer law, criminal law, employment law, immigration and asylum, and privacy law. Each article is available for download in PDF format and has an audio synopsis recorded by the student author.

Articles in Volume 9, Issue 1:
  • Daisy Ayllon, Distinguishing the Corporal From the Divine: Legal Fictions Create Bodies Not Souls
  • Andrea Coutu, Gender Plus One: Broadening Judicial Interpretation of Gender-Based Social Group Formulations
  • Zeke Katz, Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother: Religious Accommodation Under Title VII in Adeyeye v. Heartland Sweeteners, LLC
  • Christine L. Milkowski, Expanding the Scope of the Federal Arbitration Act: An Examination of the Seventh Circuit's Opinion in Green v. U.S. Cash Advance, Illinois, LLC
  • Ryan Moore, A Sight for Sore Eyes: The Seventh Circuit Correctly Interprets Section 12 of the Clayton Act
  • McKenna M. Prohov, Your Call Is Now Being Monitored: Should Municipalities Be Liable for Unauthorized Wiretapping?
  • David Starshak, Chain Gang: Examining the Seventh Circuit's "Chain of Distribution Test" When Applying Minimum Sentences for Drug-Related Deaths

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