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Meet Leah Eubanks

Leah Eubanks

Class of: 2014
Law School Division: Day
Certificate Program: Intellectual Property

Hometown: New Lenox, IL
Undergraduate School: Purdue University
Undergraduate Major: Civil Engineering
Graduate School: Kellogg School of Management
Previous Occupation: Civil Engineer
Student Organization Involvement:

Chicago-Kent Advocate, Chicago-Kent Student/Alumni Board, Intellectual Property Law Society, Chicago-Kent Mentor, Federalist Society

Favorite Class: Patents, Developments & Genetic Resources
Career Plans:

Undecided. With my background, I'm leaning towards IP litigation, construction law, or corporate law.

Cubs or Sox: Cubs!
Deep Dish or Thin Crust: Depends on the pizza joint
Favorite Menu Item From the Spaketeria: Soup
Favorite Distraction From Studying: Mindless television, pleasure reading, international travel
Hobbies: Cooking, travel
Fun Fact: I dove with the great whites in South Africa.

How did you first become interested in law school?
I always had an interest in law school, but my interest was peaked during a class I took at Kellogg called Business Law for Entrepreneurs. During that class I determined I was intrigued by intellectual property issues in the international landscape.

Why did you choose Chicago-Kent?
Chicago-Kent has a very reputable intellectual property law program in the Chicago area.

What do you think prepared you best for law school?
My time spent working a full-time job as a civil engineer while pursuing my MBA at night was what best prepared me for law school.  Law school, especially the first year, is extremely time-consuming. The time I spent working and going to school conditioned me for long days and weekends of work.

What have you enjoyed most about your Chicago-Kent experience?
I actually really enjoy everything about Kent—the classes are engaging, the readings are thought-provoking, and the extracurricular activities are a welcomed relief from the workload.

What advice would you give to someone considering law school?
Talk to all the lawyers you can to determine whether this is a career you really want to pursue. If you are not excited about it, your chances of success probably are not good.

What do you like most about Chicago?
I have lived here all my life. It is the most amazing city in the nation. There is always something to do, and always a new restaurant to try.

Where do you plan to practice after graduation?
If I leave Chicago, it will be to move someplace warm.