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Immigration Law

Chicago-Kent Law Offices

We aggressively and zealously represent our clients in a complete array of immigration-related services. Our office is committed to providing outstanding service to our clients through legal acumen, practical experience and superior technology. We recognize that immigration cases typically involve serious ramifications and high personal stakes. Accordingly, we strive to treat our clients with respect and diligence throughout the attorney-client process.

With Ana Mencini and the Law Offices of the Chicago-Kent College of Law, you will be represented by a dedicated immigration attorney with access to all of the resources of a leading law school.


Our office provides a complete array of immigration-related services, including the following services described below. We recommend that you contact us if you have any questions regarding an immigration matter and we will promptly reply to determine if we can be of assistance to you.

Employer Audits, Compliance and Sanctions

U.S. employers must comply with all relevant immigration laws with respect to their workforces. We can visit your worksite to perform an in-house audit to ensure that your business is in compliance with all relevant immigration-related laws and regulations. An audit can provide a valuable assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your employment procedures. In addition, our office can provide training and "best practices" guidance to your management team and/or human resources department regarding immigration requirements.

If your business is facing an investigation or sanctions by the U.S. Department of Labor or the Department of Homeland Security, our office will help you in preparing for audits, inspections and court ordered discovery, handle negotiations with the agency and represent your business in administrative proceedings. Additionally, our office can help business clients in enforcement and administrative matters before the U.S. Department of Justice and other federal or state agencies.


Our office can represent clients with their efforts to obtain appropriate permanent or temporary visas for business or personal use. Our office will determine eligibility, prepare required documentation (including petitions and applications), advise on the adequacy of supporting documentation and complete all follow-up matters necessary to obtain the following visas:

  • Business and Employment Based Immigration (Permanent Residence)
  • Family Based Immigration (Permanent Residence)
  • Fiancée of a U.S. citizen (K-1, K-2) and Spouse of a U.S. Citizen (K-3, K-4)
  • Academic Students (F-1, F-2)
  • Vocational Students (M-1, M-2)
  • Temporary Visitors (B-1, B-2, Visitor Waivers)
  • Exchange Visitors (J-1, J-2)
  • Agricultural Workers (H-2A)
  • Specialty Workers (H-1B, H-1C, H-4)
  • Temporary Workers (H-2B, H-4)
  • Persons of Extraordinary Ability (O-1, O-2, O-3)
  • Intracompany Transferees (L-1, L-2)
  • Treaty Traders (E-1) and Treaty Investors (E-2)
  • Trade NAFTA Professionals (TN)


A foreign citizen or national can become a U.S. citizen through a legal process called naturalization. In order to be naturalized, an applicant must first be qualified to apply for citizenship. He or she must then complete an application, attend an interview and pass an English language proficiency test and a civics test. Upon successful completion of these steps, the applicant takes an oath of loyalty and becomes a citizen. Becoming a U.S. citizen provides many benefits, including the right to vote, the availability of certain government jobs, the right to be an elected official, the right to petition on behalf of relatives for permanent residency and the right to obtain a U.S. passport and travel out of the country without time restrictions.

Should you meet the legal requirements for citizenship, our office can help you with the necessary steps to become a U.S. citizen. Our office will prepare your application for naturalization, evaluate potentially disqualifying factors, assist you in studying for the English and a civics test, accompany you to the interview and complete any follow-up work necessary to obtain your Certificate of Naturalization.

Immigrant Victims of Crime

Our office may be able to help immigrant clients who have been victims of crimes in adjusting their immigration status. The federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) allows certain immigrants who are victims of domestic violence and are (1) the spouse or child of a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident or (2) abused parent of a U.S. citizen son or daughter to self-petition for lawful immigration status. The VAWA applicant must have been subjected to battery or extreme cruelty by the abuser and meet other requirements.

The federal Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act created two new non-immigrant visas for immigrant crime victims, the T visa and the U visa. Both visas are designed to provide temporary, lawful immigration status to non-citizens who are assisting or are willing to assist authorities investigating crimes. For U visa eligibility, your abuser need not be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, and you need not be married to the abuser. The T visa allows victims of severe forms of human trafficking to remain in the U.S. and assist federal authorities in the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking cases.

Our office will assess whether you are potentially eligible for a VAWA self-petition, a U visa or a T visa. We will review your claim, help to prepare your application, and document your claim for adjudication. Additionally, we will help you obtain the necessary documentation from medical or mental health professionals if necessary to support your case.


An individual may be granted asylum if he or she can demonstrate a "well-founded fear of persecution" based on race, religion, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. Individuals who meet the requirements for asylum and who are already in the U.S. or who are seeking entry into the U.S. at a port of entry may qualify for a grant of asylum and be permitted to remain in the U.S. as long as they are not barred from either applying for or being granted asylum. Individuals who are granted asylum are eligible to apply to adjust their status to that of a lawful permanent resident.

Our office will review your claim for asylum, help to prepare your asylum application, research country conditions and document your asylum claim for adjudication. In addition, we will assist you in preparing for your asylum interview.