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Meet Distinguished Professor A. Dan Tarlock

Distinguished Professor A. Dan TarlockDistinguished Professor A. Dan Tarlock is recognized internationally for his scholarly writings on land and water usage law as well as on environmental law, addressing topics ranging from the Boundary Waters Treaty to biodiversity conservation. Professor Tarlock is co-author of the law and public policy casebook Water Resource Management, now in its sixth edition. He is also director of IIT Chicago-Kent's Program in Environmental and Energy Law.

A frequent consultant to local, state, federal, and international agencies, private groups, and law firms, Professor Tarlock also participates in the yearly programs of the Netherlands Institute on Construction Law, where he recently presented a paper on United States efforts to promote green buildings and alternative energy methods.

A prolific author, he has written or co-written hundreds of books, book chapters, articles, essays, reviews, and conference proceedings, and notes that Chicago-Kent students provide research assistance for a number of publication projects done by faculty members.

In addition to his faculty appointment at Chicago-Kent, where he has taught courses in environmental policy and land use, property, energy, natural resource, and international environmental law since 1981, Professor Tarlock is an Honorary Professor of Law at the UNESCO Centre for International Water Law, Science, and Policy at the University of Dundee in Scotland. In 2005, the National Academy of Sciences named Professor Tarlock a Lifetime National Associate.