Contact Information

Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Multicultural Affairs and Professional Development

Marsha Ross-Jackson, Esq., Senior Lecturer and Assistant Dean
565 W. Adams St., Room 807
Chicago, IL 60661
P: (312) 906-5346
F: (312) 906-5280

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Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Multicultural Affairs and Professional Development

Senior Lecturer and Assistant Dean Marsha Ross-Jackson, Esq., heads the IIT Chicago-Kent Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Multicultural Affairs and Professional Development. <a href="x3158.xml"><i>Read more about Marsha...</i></a>The IIT Chicago-Kent Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Multicultural Affairs and Professional Development (ODIMA) identifies, creates, coordinates and implements strategies, initiatives, programs and other services to celebrate and embrace diversity. ODIMA drives an inclusive culture where students, staff and faculty can contribute their full potential, including their diverse experiences and perspectives, to further Chicago-Kent's learning and business objectives by:

  • providing guidance for building the cultural competency and professionalism skills necessary to develop effective communication, enhance the learning experience, and prepare for success in an increasingly diverse society;
  • developing and delivering diversity pipeline programs, student academic and professional development programs/opportunities, and diversity training, awareness and celebrations; and
  • collaborating with other law schools, businesses and community organizations on programs and events designed to enhance diversity in law schools and the legal profession.

Assistant Dean Ross-Jackson serves as a liaison to the IIT Student Center for Diversity and Inclusion and represents Chicago-Kent on the IIT Diversity Council.

ODIMA works with student organizations and other departments throughout the law school to facilitate a variety of annual events. Some of the events include:

Additional services are provided for all Chicago-Kent students through the Office of Student Services.

Academic and Administrative Partners

Faculty Diversity Committee

The Faculty Diversity Committee encourages and champions a diverse and inclusive learning environment through continuous dialogue on diversity and inclusion. Such dialogue is created through the establishment of educational forums, speaker series, film reviews, etc. The committee strives to ensure that diversity and diverse perspectives are incorporated into the learning process by supporting recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, providing guidance on diversity-related issues that arise in the classroom, and partnering with diverse student organizations, other law school diversity representatives, and external resources.

Office of Admissions

The Chicago-Kent Office of Admissions supports diversity through its recruitment and admissions programming, scholarship awards, and partnerships with other departments and organizations to attract, retain and support a diverse student body. The Admissions Office also participates in a variety of partnerships and outreach efforts designed to raise awareness of legal careers among students from underrepresented groups, as well as to recruit students from diverse backgrounds.

Career Services Office

The Career Services Office (CSO) takes a strategic approach toward helping students succeed in law school and the legal profession. CSO promotes diversity-related job fairs, scholarship opportunities, summer associate positions, networking receptions, workshops, seminars and other programs throughout the year. These services support career-building initiatives through partnerships with local law firms and other organizations, including opportunities for first-year law students to work with judges, corporations and law firms.