Meet Professor Howard C. Eglit

Professor Howard C. EglitProfessor Howard C. Eglit's inspiration behind his interest in age discrimination was close to his heart and to his home.

"It really grew out of my experiences as a child growing up with my grandmother in our household," explains Professor Eglit. "That gave me insights into some of the sad things that go along with being older in America. That interest in turn naturally led me into the field of employment discrimination, where so many of the prominent instances of ageism occur and where most of the legal activity, i.e., statutes and case law, is focused."

The author of the three-volume treatise Age Discrimination and the book Elders on Trial: Age and Ageism in the American Legal System, Professor Eglit is writing another book tentatively titled AGE/AGEism/LAnguAGE/Law. "Its main focus is on the ways in which language is used as a means to shape negative views of old age and older people, and to denigrate both," he says.

Besides teaching coursework in remedies, employment discrimination, and constitutional law at IIT Chicago-Kent, Professor Eglit also serves as a labor arbitrator through the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service and the American Arbitration Association.