Living & Studying in Chicago


Chicago is a wonderful place to call home and we are excited to share this great city with you. Using the city as our residence hall, Chicago-Kent students immerse themselves in the diverse cultures and environments of urban life. Housing in Chicago is plentiful and relatively inexpensive for a large city. Many students live on their own, while others share residences with friends or family. Our location makes commuting from anywhere in the Chicago metropolitan area easy, convenient, and cost-efficient.

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IIT Chicago-Kent's 10-story building provides the physical resources for a top legal education: spacious, high-tech classrooms for lectures and seminars, faculty offices encircling the library, and many comfortable spaces for students to gather between classes.

Every inch of our 280,000 square-foot building is designed to support a first-class legal education.  Connect to state-of-the-art computing services almost anywhere in the building through wireless access points or widely distributed network ports. Link to a broad range of Web-based student services from anywhere in the world. Our classrooms, courtroom and library contain the latest technology for teaching and research.

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Getting Around

IIT Chicago-Kent's downtown location-one block west of Union Station and three blocks south of the  Ogilvie Transportation Center (named for a Chicago-Kent graduate and former Illinois governor)-makes it easy to catch a cab, train or bus to practically anywhere in the city or suburbs. In addition, full-time enrollment at Chicago-Kent includes a Chicago Transit Authority U-Pass that makes getting around inexpensive.

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Life Outside Class

As an IIT Chicago-Kent student you'll study hard, but you can't study all the time. Take a break and enjoy the city! Chicago is a sophisticated city known for cultural innovation, hospitality and countless ways to have fun.

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