Getting Around Chicago

Chicago addresses are laid out in a grid, which makes it easy to find your way around the city. The official city center is at the intersection of State Street (running north-south) and Madison Street (running east-west), with all street addresses referencing their relationship to this point. If you go north one city block, you will be at 100 N.; go north two blocks, you are at 200 N., and so on. Eight city blocks is approximately one mile, which can help you determine the distance between two locations. For example, Wrigley Field is at 3600 N. Clark, which is approximately 36 blocks (or 4.5 miles) north of Madison Street. Chicago-Kent is at 565 W. Adams Street, which is just over five blocks west of State Street.

There are many forms of public transportation that can take you almost anywhere in Chicago, so it is not necessary to have a car if you live in the city. If you do plan to bring one, however, please consider street parking availability and garage parking costs when selecting where to live. For information on public transportation in Chicago, visit the Chicago Transit Authority website.

Chicago-Kent is located in downtown Chicago at 565 West Adams Street, between Clinton and Jefferson Streets. This places the school one block west of Union Train Station, three blocks south of the Ogilvie Transportation Center and three blocks west of the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower). Many of the buses that head downtown (to the "Loop") end up at the train stations, so commuting to Chicago-Kent is very convenient. Multiple elevated train ("el") lines also stop within a few blocks of campus. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) offers route maps, timetables, and a trip planner on their Web site.

All full-time students will automatically be enrolled in the CTA's U-Pass program, which provides unlimited rides on all CTA buses and trains during the academic year for a modest per-semester fee. Unfortunately, the CTA does not allow part-time students to participate in the U-Pass program.

If you plan to drive to school, we are located approximately two blocks east of the Kennedy and Dan Ryan expressways (I-90/94), two blocks north of the Eisenhower expressway (I-290), and a mile west of Lake Shore Drive. There is some metered street parking, and there are many paid parking lots in the surrounding area. Discounted parking rates are available at some nearby lots. See the Chicago-Kent Record for information on lots offering discounted rates.