Housing Resources

A good way to start your search for a place to live in Chicago is to look at a map that shows the public transportation lines and then locate areas within easy walking distance of the bus/el/train stops. (Public transportation maps are available through the CTA Web site). Although looking at ads in the newspaper will give you many good leads, keep in mind that many smaller landlords post "For Rent" signs on their buildings; be sure to walk around the neighborhoods in which you are interested in living. Additionally, you may want to check the following sources for leads on available apartments:


Both the Chicago Tribune and The Reader (a free weekly paper) provide extensive listings of available apartments.


A number of companies provide online searchable listings of available apartments. Here are some of the largest sites:

Apartment Rental Services

There are numerous companies that help people find apartments in the city and suburbs. Many of these services are free (the fees are paid by the building owners), while others require you to pay a fee. These companies provide apartment listings based on price range, apartment size, building amenities and location. Several companies that are commonly used by Chicago-Kent students are listed below and their services are free.

  • Apartment People: After an initial consultation with a staff member, you are driven to visit each of the listings that meet your criteria. (www.apartmentpeople.com / 800-447-3684)
  • Chicago Apartment Finders: Similar to the Apartment People, an agent will drive you to see available apartments. (www.chicagoapartmentfinders.com / 773-883-8800)

Chicago-Kent Bulletin Boards

Chicago-Kent students often post notices about available apartments and sublets on the student bulletin boards located on the concourse level and inside the 3rd floor cafeteria.