1L Fellows Program

Application Deadline: 9am on Monday, April 8, 2019

Through the 1L Fellows Program, a select group of first-year law students have a unique opportunity to enhance their resumes and develop research skills during the first year of law school. Fellows will work closely with faculty in their area of interest as paid research assistants and can attend Chicago-Kent's faculty lecture series as well as other faculty events. Fellows will participate in some of the very exciting work and scholarship being done by Chicago-Kent faculty and be introduced to Chicago-Kent's rich academic life. The program expands on Chicago-Kent's 1L Your Way program by allowing students unique opportunities to pursue their areas of interest in the first year. 

Students in the 2019 entering class may apply to become a 1L Fellow in the following areas:


Business Fellows will work with Professor Adrian Walters on research related to commercial bankruptcy (domestic and international).

Intellectual Property

IP Fellows will work closely with Prof. Edward Lee, Director of the IP Program, Greg Reilly, Graeme Dinwoodie and other IP faculty on various research projects related to copyright, patent, or trademark law. Past projects included empirical studies of the media's use of "patent troll" and of the frequency of fair use defenses in music cases, as well as research related to reforming IP laws to discourage sexual harassment. Other projects have included assisting in the evaluation of the constitutionality of Patent Office post-issuance review and the Supreme Court's competence in patent law.

ISCOTUS (Institute on the Supreme Court of the United States)

ISCOTUS Fellows will work closely with Profs. Christopher Schmidt and Carolyn Shapiro, co-directors of ISCOTUS, on various research projects, preparing content for the ISCOTUS blog on the Supreme Court, and helping to organize ISCOTUS events.

ISLAT (Institute for Science, Law and Technology)

ISLAT Fellows will work with Professor Lori Andrews on research projects, blogs, and video projects relating to the social and legal impacts of new technologies.

The Law Lab

Law Lab Fellows will work closely with Professor Daniel Katz and and will focus on the impact of technology, big data, and business innovation on the various markets for legal services.

Students selected as 1L Fellows will work a maximum of 10 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters and will be paid $12 per hour.

Application Process

To be eligible to apply for the 1L Fellows Program, you must be an incoming first-year student in the J.D. program at Chicago-Kent. To apply, you should submit your resume and a short essay (approximately 250 words) describing your qualifications and how the fellowship would help to advance your career goals. You must submit a separate essay and resume for each fellowship program that interests you. Your essay should be submitted to the Office of Admissions (admissions@kentlaw.iit.edu) by 9am on Monday, April 8, 2019.