Environmental Externships

Program in Environmental and Energy

Externships expose students to a wide variety of environmental law issues and various environmental practice alternatives. To become a good lawyer and to supplement what you learn in the classroom, you need practical experience in real-world legal work. A legal externship presents a unique and important opportunity to gain exposure to the practice of environmental law and to significantly broaden your future employment opportunities.

A legal externship is a 4-credit hour non-graded program open to 2L and 3L students. In the fall or spring semesters, students must work 16 hours per week for a total of 224 hours. In the summer, students must work 32 hours per week for a total of 224 hours. Students will meet as a group a few designated times during the semester.

In the past students have externed at several government agencies and public interest groups, including:

Please contact Professor Vivien Gross for questions and/or application materials. Student must receive permission from Professor Gross before registering for the externship.