Curriculum and Requirements

Program in Intellectual Property Law

The Chicago-Kent IP program offers more than 40 courses related to intellectual property each year, taught by 8 full-time professors and numerous adjunct professors and lecturers who are among the leading practitioners in the IP field.

The Intellectual Property Law Certificate program consists of 20 credit hours of course work, which includes three mandatory core courses (in copyright, patents, and trademarks) for a total of nine credit hours plus a capstone or practice experience, and optional courses (either full or partial IP credit).

In their final two years, IP certificate candidates participate in the Practice Experience, which involves real-world practice in the IP field with actual or simulated cases, applying what they learned in previous coursework. The Practice Experience can be fulfilled by taking at least 5 credit hours from the following courses:

  • Working at the Intellectual Property Patent Clinic (fall semester, 3 credit hours)
  • Arranging an IP externship (fall or spring semesters, 3 credit hours) [only 3 out of the 4 credit hours awarded for the course will apply to the certificate requirements]
  • Taking Strategies in Intellectual Property Law (spring semester only, 3 credit hours)
  • IP Moot Court (2 credit hours)
  • IP Trial Advocacy (intercession, 2 credit hours)
  • IPMM Patent Analytics and Landscape Reports (online summer only, 3 credit hours)
  • Any other course designated by the program director

To enter the program, students submit a letter of intent to the director. Once registered as members of the program, IP students are given priority during registration for all IP courses and receive email notification of upcoming IP-related events.

During the final semester before graduation, students must submit an application for the certificate, verifying that coursework has been completed.


A. Mandatory Courses
1. Copyright Law 3 credit hrs
2. Patent Law 3 credit hrs
3. Trademarks and Unfair Competition 3 credit hrs
B. Optional Courses for Full IP Credit
1. Acquiring IP 3 credit hrs
2. Advanced Issues in Patent Law 2 credit hrs
3. Antitrust and Intellectual Property 2 credit hrs
4. Comparative Copyright Law 2 credit hrs
5. Copyright Law in the 21st Century 2 credit hrs
6. Intellectual Property and Technology Licensing 2 credit hrs
7. Intellectual Property Crimes 2 credit hrs
8. Intellectual Property Financial Markets & Legal Principles 2 credit hrs
9. Intellectual Property Independent Research 1 credit hr
10. Intellectual Property Litigation 3 credit hrs
11. Intellectual Property Moot Court 1 credit hrs
12. Intellectual Property Seminar 2 credit hrs
13. Intellectual Property Trial Advocacy 3 credit hrs
14. International Intellectual Property 3 credit hrs
15. International Patent Law 2 credit hrs
16. International Trademarks 2 credit hrs
17. Legal Writing IV--Intellectual Property 3 credit hrs
18. Management of Intellectual Property Portfolios 3 credit hrs
19. Patent Analytics and Landscape Reports** 3 credit hours
20. Patent Litigation** 2 credit hrs
21. Patent Office Practice 3 credit hrs
22. Practice Before the Federal Circuit 2 credit hrs
23. Trade and Intellectual Property Rights 2 credit hrs
24. Trade Secrets 3 credit hrs
25. Video Game Law 2 credit hrs
26. Design Law 2 credit hrs
27. Software Patents 2 credit hrs
C. Optional Courses for Partial IP Credit
1. Administrative Law 1 credit hr
2. Advanced Torts 1 credit hr
3. Agency 1 credit hr
4. Antitrust 1 credit hr
5. Computer and Network Privacy and Security 1 credit hr
6. Conflicts 1 credit hr
7. E-Commerce 1 credit hr
8. Emerging Technologies 1 credit hr
9. Entertainment Law 1 credit hr
10. Evidence 1 credit hr
11. Federal Courts 1 credit hr
12. Food and Drug Law 1 credit hr
13. Genetic Issues 1 credit hr
14. Internet Law 1 credit hr
15. Legal Aspects of Startups 1 credit hr
16. Music Law 1 credit hr
17. Privacy 1 credit hr
18. Remedies 1 credit hr
19. Representing Venture Capital Backed Companies 1 credit hr
20. Sports Law 1 credit hr
21. Telecommunications 1 credit hr
22. Topics in Cultural Heritage Law 1 credit hr
D. Practice Experience
(may be satisfied by participating in 5 credit hours of the following courses, one of which must be Intellectual Property Clinic, Intellectual Property Externship, or Strategies in Intellectual Property Law)
1. Intellectual Property Clinic 3 credit hrs
2. Intellectual Property Externship 3 credit hrs
3. Strategies in Intellectual Property Law 3 credit hrs
4. Patent Litigation** 2 credit hrs
5. IP Moot Court 2 credit hrs

6. IP Trial Ad

2 credit hrs
7. Oral Advocacy for the IP Lawyer 2 credit hrs
8. IPMM Patent Analytics and Landscape Reports** 3 credit hrs
9. Any other course designated by the program director  

** Although this course is listed on more than one group list, it can only be used to fulfill one set of requirements.