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November 13, 2018 — Applying for Jobs

12:00 PM, Room 210

The IPLS Executive Board will be going over how to write a resume and cover letter, and will be giving advice to 1Ls regarding their upcoming job search. We can also do a peer resume review if they would like to bring their resumes to the meeting. More information to come. Food will be provided!

October 30, 2018 — International IP Careers & Basics

12:00 PM, Room 370

This IPLS event is a presentation by Kenneth Ng of Chang Tsi & Partners about careers in international IP law and the basic issues that arise in international IP law. Kenneth Ng will first discuss what job opportunities are available for JD students internationally, what job opportunities are available for JD students in the US that allow them to work with international firms and companies, and what it is like working for these firms. He will then discuss briefly substantive issues in international IP law today, such as how to obtain IP protection abroad and typical legal issues that arise when working internationally with IP law. Food will be provided!

October 18, 2018 — In-House IP Careers & Careers in Pharmaceutical IP 

5:00 PM, Room 210

This IPLS event is a presentation by Johanna Corbin, Vice President of Intellectual Property at AbbVie, about careers in-house and careers in pharmaceutical IP law. Johanna Corbin will first discuss what job opportunities are available for JD students in-house and what it is like to work in-house. She will then discuss what job opportunities are available for JD students in pharmaceutical companies and what it is like to work for a pharmaceutical company. Food will be provided!

October 11, 2018 — An Evening of Design - hosted by IPLAC Young Members Committee, Center for Design, Law & Technology, and Intellectual Property Law Society

5:30 PM - 9:30 PM, Auditorium & Lobby

Our esteemed guests will first provide an introduction to industrial design and design patents. Our guests will then discuss how designers consider and use existing designs when designing a product and how the law treats existing designs.  Professor Dinwoodie will next lead a panel discussion regarding how designers and lawyers think differently about prior art and its use and usefulness. This event will conclude with a networking reception in the Chicago-Kent lobby at 8:00 pm. 

October 3, 2018 — Federal Circuit Oral Arguments

9:00 AM, Marovitz Courtroom/Auditorium

The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit will hear arguments in the Marovitz Courtroom. This is a unique opportunity to see the court in action and observe oral arguments.

September 26-28, 2018 — Association of Intellectual Property Firms (AIPF) Annual Meeting

Everything Feels Different: How Should Boutique IP Firms Respond to Disruption?


Swissôtel, 323 East Upper Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60601

For many, it seems we are living in an era where everything feels different from what was the norm just a few years ago.  The same is happening in the realm of IP, whether one is seeking to develop and exploit IP or one is providing services in this sector.  The 2018 AIPF Annual Meeting builds on the Association's long-standing practice of providing attendees with information and insights that will help attendees navigate an IP world where "everything feels different."


This year, AIPF is partnering with LegalShift LLC to present an innovative and interactive workshop entitled, “Legal Project Management Essentials: Learn How to Align Client Expectations with Practice Efficiencies and Profitability.” In this structured hands-on environment, all attendees will learn Legal Project Management (LPM) concepts, the practical application of these concepts, and then participate in applying those LPM “best practices” in an actual IP boutique setting. This unique session will be a great opportunity to interact with other attendees and is a must-attend event for every attorney facing  the increasing necessity of aligning lawyers’ performances with client expectations, increasing efficiency of service delivery, and increasing financial profitability.                      

Speakers include:

  • Hon. Linda Kuczma, US Patent & Trademark Office
  • Stefano Di Natale, European Union IP Office
  • Kimberly Chotkowski, LES
  • Chris Clancy, Panduit
  • James Kellerman, Astellas Pharma US Inc.
  • David Kramer, Gemini Risk Partners
  • David Moorhead, Hyatt Hotels Corporation
  • Scott Rosenberg, LegalShift
  • Mary-Anne Smith, Chicago-Kent College of Law
  • Dan Safran, LegalShift

Topics include:

  • What’s New @ TTABVUE?
  • Lessons Learned From Malpractice Claims Against IP Firms
  • Management of Trademark Practice in Times of Technological Change
  • Beyond the European Trademark and Design 2.0
  • Navigating Discovery in Patent Litigation
  • Incorporating Pro Bono Work Into Your IP Practice
  • Take the Long View on Patents – A Roundtable Perspective on Navigating Patent Protection
  • Marketing Your IP Boutique Firm in a Connected World

Visit and use the code “AIPF2018MP” to register at the special “Partnered Organization” Rate!

For questions, please contact the AIPF Executive Office at

September 21, 2018 — 2018 Supreme Court IP Review (SCIPR) — Patent Edition

9:00 AM - 5:15 PM, Auditorium

The Program in Intellectual Property Law, the Center for Empirical Studies of Intellectual Property, and the Institute on the Supreme Court of the United States at Chicago-Kent College of Law invite you to attend the Supreme Court IP Review (SCIPR) — Patent Edition. Now in its ninth year, SCIPR is the only annual conference in the country focused exclusively on intellectual property cases before the Supreme Court.

This year's SCIPR address, "Huge Numbers of Patent Cases: How One District Judge Manages Them," will be delivered by the Honorable William Alsup of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Judge Alsup has one of the most active dockets with respect to patent cases in the country.

Other speakers include top Supreme Court advocates from the parties and leading IP academics.

The morning sessions will include panels on patent cases and Supreme Court analytics, plus a preview of the upcoming Term with a discussion of petitions granted and petitions to watch.

This year, the afternoon sessions will focus on the changing practice and procedure at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) in light of Supreme Court decisions and the PTO's proposed changes. The special feature on the PTAB was organized with the help of PTAB Bar Association members.

Early-bird registration discounts apply if you register online by Friday, September 7. The regular registration deadline is Thursday, September 20 at noon Central time.

This conference is approved for 6.5 hours of general MCLE credit in Illinois and Pennsylvania.

SCIPR 2018 is made possible in part by the generous support of law firm sponsors, including McAndrews, Held & Malloy Ltd.; McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP; Polsinelli PC; and Seyfarth Shaw LLP, as well as the PTAB Bar Association.

September 20, 2018 — "What is IP Law" Panel

5:00 PM, Room 520

What is intellectual property (IP)? Why is everyone always talking about it? What is the difference between hard and soft IP? What kind of jobs are there? What is the difference between prosecution and litigation? What kind of jobs are there if I DON’T have a tech/science background? What are the pros/cons of working at a boutique IP firm versus a general practice firm? This event will answer all of these questions and many more! Professors Reilly and Dinwoodie will be providing a brief introduction to the different types of IP and what kind of careers exist within IP. Food will be provided!

September 17, 2018 — "Requiring Internet Platforms to Engage in Mandatory Filtering?" - IP talk featuring Professor Matthias Leistner, LMU Munich Faculty of Law

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Room C20

Leading European copyright scholar, Professor Matthias Leistner of LMU Munich Faculty of Lawwill give a talk on “Requiring Internet Platforms to Engage in Mandatory Filtering?”  Controversial copyright proposals being voted on (again) soon in Europe may make this a reality, and the proposals have provoked a huge response around the world.  Although the proposals would change EU law, they would create pressure on platforms to follow similar practices in the United States and elsewhere. All are welcome to attend. Soda and snacks will be served.

September 13, 2018 — IPLS Happy Hour

5:00 PM, Room TBA

September 12, 2018 — IPLS General Body Meeting

3:00 PM, Room 210

The first IPLS general body meeting of the year will be held on September 12, 2018, at 3:00pm, in room 210.  This meeting will cover events we have planned this semester, how to become a member or renew membership, and various networking opportunities this semester in the Chicago IP community. Food will be provided!

August 29, 2018 — "Fair Use Avoidance in Music Cases" - IP talk featuring Professor Ed Lee

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM, Room 370

The Center for Empirical Studies of IP hosts a talk by Professor Ed Lee on his study of fair use in music copyright cases, including the recent decision involving "Blurred Lines." Read Professor Lee's op-ed about this issue on All are welcome to attend. Light snacks will be served.


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