IP Faculty Scholarship

Recent Intellectual Property Publications

Lori B. Andrews

Distinguished Professor of Law and Director of the Institute for Science, Law and Technology

Genetics: Ethics, Law and Policy (West Publishing 4th ed., forthcoming 2015) (with M. Mehlman & M. Rothstein).

Social Networks: Impact on Biotechnology Research, Health Care, and Human Rights, in Biennial Review of Law, Science and Technology: Biotechnology, Health Inequality, and Distributive Justice (Institutum Jurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica, forthcoming).

Policy Paper, Digital Peepholes—Remote Activation of Webcams: Technology, Law and Policy (Institute for Science, Law and Technology 2014) (with Michael Holloway & Dan Massoglia).

Privacy and Data Collection in the Gameful World, in The Gameful World (S. Walz & S. Deterding eds., MIT Press 2014).

The "Progress Clause": An Empirical Analysis Based on the Constitutional Foundation of Patent Law, 15 North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology 537 (2014) (symposium).

Edward Lee

Professor of Law and Director of the Program in Intellectual Property Law

Recognizing Rights in Real Time: The Role of Google in the EU Right to Be Forgotten, 49 U.C. Davis Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2016).

The Right to Be Forgotten v. Free Speech, ___ I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society ___ (forthcoming 2016) (symposium).

Patent Trolls: Moral Panics, Motions in Limine, and Patent Reform, ___ Stanford Technology Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2015).

Trademark Protection and Territoriality: Challenges in the Global Economy (I. Calboli & Edward Lee eds., Elgar 2014).

The Global Trade Mark, 35 University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law 917 (2014), selected by the Intellectual Property Review as one of the best articles in intellectual property law for 2014.

Henry H. Perritt, Jr.

Professor of Law and Director of the Graduate Program in Financial Services Law

Domesticating Drones: The Technology, Law and Economics of Unmanned Aircraft (Ashgate Publishing, forthcoming) (with E. Sprague).

Drones, ___ Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law ___ (forthcoming) (with E. Sprague).

Law-Abiding Drones, ___ Columbia Science and Technology Law Review ___ (forthcoming) (with E. Sprague).

Sharing Public Safety Helicopters, 79 Journal of Air Law and Commerce 501 (2014) (with E. Sprague & C. Cue).

Law-Abiding Drones, Rotor and Wing, September 2014, at 40 (with E. Sprague).

Leashing Drones, Rotorcraft, July 2014, at 36 (with E. Sprague).

How Will UAVs Affect the Next Generation of Aviators?, Professional Pilot, June 2014, at 94 (with E. Sprague).

Drone Dread, Rotor and Wing, June 2014, at 34 (with E. Sprague).

Law and Order in the Skies, The Tech (MIT student newspaper), June 13, 2014, at 4 (with E. Sprague).

Is There a Drone in Your Future?, heliweb, May 2014, at 14 (with E. Sprague).

Mickie A. Piatt

Associate Professor of Law and Deputy Director of the Program in Intellectual Property Law

Trade Secrets: Cases, Materials and Strategies (William S. Hein 2007, rev. ed. forthcoming) (with T. Parkhurst).

Ronald W. Staudt

Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Access to Justice & Technology

The College of Law Practice Management Gives Back, Law Practice, March/April 2015, at 12.

Inventing a 100% Future for Legal Aid, MIE Journal, Winter 2014, at 32.

Richard Warner

Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Center for Law and Computers

The Self, the Stasi, and the NSA: Privacy, Knowledge, and Complicity in the Surveillance State, ___ Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology ___ (forthcoming 2016) (with R. Sloan).

A Modest Proposal to the NSA, ___ IEEE Signal Processing Magazine ___ (forthcoming) (with C. Kanich et al.).

Self, Privacy, and Power: Is It All Over?, 17 Tulane Journal of Technology & Intellectual Property 61 (2014) (with R. Sloan).

Beyond Notice and Choice: Privacy, Norms, and Consent14 Suffolk University Journal of High Technology Law 370 (2014) (with R. Sloan).

Why Those Corporate Data Breaches Are Happening, Crain's Chicago Business Online, Oct. 21, 2014 (with R. Sloan).