PatCon 3: Papers and Abstracts

Understanding the Link Between Patent Value and Citation: Creative Destruction or Defensive Disruption? - David S. Abrams, Ufuk Akcigit, and Jillian Popadak 

Congress as Catalyst: Inter-Branch Dialogue in Patent Law - J. Jonas Anderson

The Rise of the End User in Patent Law - Gaia Bernstein

Dogfooding at the Federal Circuit: A Proposal for Enhancing the Error-Correction Feedback Loop - Jeremy Bock

Patents for Diagnostic Tools: An Economic Analysis - David Booton

IP Standing - Michael J. Burstein

The Interpretation-Construction Distinction in Patent Law Tun-Jen Chiang and Lawrence B. Solum

Startups and Patent Trolls - Colleen Chien

Empirical Predictors of Patent Validity - Ralph D. Clifford

Patent Law's Functionality Malfunction and Its Implications for the Problem of Software-Patent Overbreadth - Kevin Emerson Collins

Patent Invalidity Versus Noninfringement - Roger Allan Ford

Do Agencies Delay Costly Obligations?: An Empirical Analysis of PTO's Examination Priorities - Michael D. Frakes and Melissa F. Wasserman

Markets and Patent Enforcement: A Comparative Investigation of Non-Practicing Entities in the US and EU - Stefania Fusco

Defining Patent Quality - Christi J. Guerrini

The Psychology of Patent Law: Overcoming Invention Barriers With Tailored Incentives - Richard Gruner

Patent Law Federalism - Paul R. Gugliuzza

Beyond the Patents-Prizes Debate - Daniel J. Hemel and Lisa Larrimore Ouellette

The Romance of Pharmaceutical Innovation - Cynthia Ho

A Possession-Based Approach to Patent Prior Art - Tim Holbrook

Reflections on Bowman v. Monsanto: "Self-Replicating" Technology Pushing the Boundaries of Patent Law and Policy - Chris Holman

FRAND's Forever: Standards, Patent Transfers, and Licensing Commitments - Jay P. Kesan and Carol M. Hayes  

Patents and the University - Peter Lee

Why Do Juries Decide If Patents Are Valid? - Mark A. Lemley

Establishing an Island of Patent Sanity - Oskar Liivak

The Glocalization of Pharmaceutical Patent Linkage - Benjamin Liu

IP Market Development - James Malackowski

In Search of Patent Republics - Michael Mattioli

Do NPEs Matter?: Non-Practicing Entities and Patent Litigation Outcomes - Michael J. Mazzeo, Jonathan Hillel, and Samantha Zyontz

Hired to Patent: When are Patents and Innovations Substitutes? - Michael Meurer

Do "Fuzzy" Software Patent Boundaries Explain High Claim Construction Reversal Rates? - Shawn Miller

Patent Validity Challenges by Licensees - Bradley Moore

Let Someone Else Deal With It: Patent Law's Attempts To Define A “Human Organism” For Patentability - Dev Narasimhan

Removing the Troll from the Thicket: The Case for Enhancing Patent Maintenance Fees in Relation to the Size of a Patent Owner's Non-Practiced Patent Portfolio - David S. Olson

Patent Law as a Complex Adaptive System - Kristen Osenga

The (de)Concentration of Sources of Inventive Ideas: Evidence from ICT Equipment - Yasin Ozcan and Shane Greenstein

Is India Setting a New Trend for the Developing World? — Examining the Patent Jurisprudence Evolving in India  - Srividhya Ragavan

Why Priest-Klein Cannot Apply to Individual Issues in Patent Cases - Jason Rantanen

Judicial Capacities and Patent Claim Construction - Greg Reilly

Rethinking Application Drafting and Examination - Joshua Sarnoff

Standards of Proof in Civil Litigation: An Experiment from Patent Law - David Schwartz and Christopher Seaman

Scientific Complexity & Patent Eligibility - Jacob S. Sherkow

Minding Patent Infringement - Ted Sichelman

Formalism and Antiformalism in Patent Law Adjudication - David O. Taylor

(R)evolution in Design Patentable Subject Matter: the Shifting Meaning of "Article of Manufacture" - Andrew W. Torrance

Stricter Than Strict: Patent Infringement as an Absolute Liability Tort - Samson Vermont

The Cooperative Function of Patents - Liza Vertinsky

The Patent Bar Gender Data File - Saurabh Vishnubhakat