Co-Curricular Activities

Program in International and Comparative Law

Studying law outside the U.S. is available to qualifying Chicago-Kent law students. Spending a summer or a semester in another country is not only personally enriching, but also provides excellent preparation for understanding today's globalized legal marketplace. The Office of International Law and Policy is affiliated with a variety of programs that meet the needs of all J.D. students.

The Office of International Law and Policy helps bring together Chicago-Kent faculty, the Chicago community, and students wanting to broaden their interest in international law. Through their participation in international ventures and projects, students at Chicago-Kent acquire a unique global perspective. Programs include conferences and seminars, lectures, research projects, moot court competitions, exchange programs, and international rule-of-law externships.  In addition, our substantial alumni network in foreign countries has allowed us to arrange internships for students in foreign law firms and institutions. For information, contact Assistant Dean Edward Harris in the Office of International Law and Policy at (312) 906-5012 or

The Chancellor Kent International Law Society was established in 1971 to promote an understanding of international law. The society hosts the annual International Law Career Day Conference for Midwestern law schools as well as a series of international law speakers and the annual alumni reception. The society, which is a member of the Association of Student International Law Societies and affiliated with the American Society of International Law, organizes the annual Chicago-Kent Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition.

Members of the International Law Moot Court Honors Society also have an opportunity to participate in the national Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, held in Washington, D.C., each year, which brings together law students from more than 50 countries.

To help the integration of LL.M. students from other countries, J.D. students are also encouraged to serve as mentors, a relationship that benefits both. The LL.M. student gets a personal guide who can smooth the adjustment process, and the J.D. student can begin to build an international network. Interested J.D. students should contact the Office of International Law and Policy at (312) 906-5237 or