Required Legal Research and Writing Courses

Code Number Title
LAW 259

Legal Writing 1

An introduction to legal analysis, research, and writing through the preparation of legal memoranda, client letters, and other assignments. This course emphasizes the basic skills and tools of analysis and research, and the fundamentals of good writing. Students research and write legal memoranda and other documents of increasing length and complexity; develop research skills, both individually and in group projects; and learn editing skills and the basics of legal ethics. Students rewrite several assignments after written comments from and in-person conferences with the professor.

LAW 260

Legal Writing 2

This course provides additional instruction in legal research, analysis, and writing, with a focus on written and oral advocacy. Students write both a trial and an appellate brief, and are introduced to oral advocacy through preparing and presenting a mock appellate argument.

LAW 431

Legal Writing 3

This course provides an introduction to non-litigation oriented transactional issues and documents, through shorter assignments than are the norm in Legal Writing 1 and 2, and on oral communication with colleagues and clients.

LAW 432

Legal Writing 4

This course focuses on specialized legal research in areas such as environmental law, intellectual property, labor/employment law, and international law, and on drafting legal instruments common to these areas. Students are introduced to research resources and techniques in the particular area of focus, as well as in legislative history, administrative materials, international legal materials, and empirical research. Students typically will prepare several legal instruments for the specialty area and may be assigned a major paper in the subject area.