Theresa Starck

Theresa Starck, Honors Scholar, Class of 2017

Chicago-Kent Honors Scholar

Class of 2017

A Chicago native, Theresa Starck graduated cum laude from Columbia University School with a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering and a minor in Civil Engineering.  Following graduation, Theresa worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Namibia, teaching math, science, English, and health.  During her time in Namibia, she helped start a community garden and partnered with other local teachers to organize the first Khomas Regional Math and Science Competition.  

After returning to Chicago, Theresa worked as a research assistant for a R&D company focused on developing wearable electronics.  She currently is a named inventor on two patent applications pending for her work with processing and formulating materials for use in flexible electronics.  

As a 1L, Theresa was a section representative for the Chicago-Kent Intellectual Property Law Society.  Following her first year at Law School, she worked as a summer associate at Brinks Gilson & Lione.  Recently, Theresa's article regarding International Trade Commission sanctions was published in the 337 Reporter, The Paul J. Luckern Summer Associate Edition.  

Currently as a 2L, Theresa is a member of the Chicago-Kent Law Review and Moot Court Honor Society, as well as a TA for Civil Procedure.  In her free time Theresa enjoys gardening, doing crossword puzzles, and running with her dog.