Zach Snyder

Zach Snyder, Honors Scholar, Class of 2018

Chicago-Kent Honors Scholar

Class of 2018

Zach Snyder hails from Metro-Detroit, but completed his undergraduate studies in Indianapolis at Butler University, where he graduated cum laude with an English major and German minor. During that time, Zach spent a year refining his German in Zurich, Switzerland as an exchange student and the following summer in Munich, Germany as a language consulting and marketing intern. After graduation, Zach spent a year working for IGB Automotive in language and marketing consulting.

As a 1L, Zach served as the LLM Language Coordinator, conducting English language sessions to assist international students seeking to improve their conversational fluency and enhance their cultural immersion. During his 2L summer, Zach worked as a law clerk for Shaw Legal Services Ltd. and served as Professor William Birdthistle's research assistant.

Zach enjoys spending his free time traveling, learning languages, and finding new music.