Honors Scholars Class Project: Wager on the Madness

In the Spring of 2001, the 2002 honors scholar class teamed with the City of Chicago's Department of Consumer Services to combat Internet fraud. Students helped investigate allegations of fraud in the online auction and contract areas of the law. They also built a website in order to teach consumers about the dangers of online betting. The site warned consumers about gambling online, the dangers of "get quick rich" schemes, and other online fraud.

The site was launched on March 12th and targeted March Madness fans who may have been looking to wager on the NCAA basketball tournament. The site looked like an Internet gambling site, allowing visitors to select teams and to wager on the outcome of the games. However, the site not only taught about fraud on the Internet but also that things on the Internet are not always as they seem. Instead of actually allowing users to place bets, the visitors were transferred to pages that warned of the dangers of online fraud. Visitors were also reminded that gambling may be illegal in their state.

In the News

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