Legal Writing Seminar Paper Criteria

All students at Chicago-Kent take a seminar during their final year of law school. The seminar is an opportunity for students to explore a particular area of law. In addition, the seminar is the final step in fulfilling Chicago-Kent's three year legal writing requirement.

Seminar papers should therefore reflect meticulous research, depth and clarity of analysis, and originality. Seminar papers are traditionally similar in style to law review notes, but individual instructors may vary the format in appropriate circumstances.

Papers should be at least 25 pages in length, exclusive of footnotes. Students must hand in a first draft before the end of the semester. Instructors should provide students with a detailed critique of the first draft so that students have an opportunity to make the final draft a truly excellent piece of writing. The final draft should be one that would, in your judgment, be suitable for publication in a scholarly or professional journal. Each student must submit his or her own paper. Students are not permitted to turn in a joint paper.

The final grade should be based primarily on the quality of the second and final draft, although you make take into account class attendance, class participation, the oral presentation of the paper, and any other relevant factors. Please advise students in writing on the first day of class what factors you will consider in determining the final grade.