Career Services for Part-Time Students

As a part-time student at Chicago-Kent, you will have access to the full range of resources and support provided by the Career Services Office (CSO) to assist you in reaching your career goals. Beginning in your first year, you are assigned a career counselor to assist you in exploring your interests and developing a career path that fits your personal and professional goals.

We recognize that evening division students face a unique set of challenges balancing their current professional responsibilities with the need to gain legal experience, and our counselors are able to offer individualized guidance and support based on your personal circumstances. The office holds evening office hours to permit you to meet with a counselor or access CSO resources after the workday ends.

The CSO provides resources and referrals for a host of employment opportunities, from law firms large and small, corporate legal departments and nonprofit organizations to government agencies, judicial clerkships and more. Throughout the year, the office also hosts career development programs on a wide range of topics. All programs are videotaped so that students who are not able to attend the program may watch the video online through the CSO website. The office also hosts programs and networking events specifically for evening division students.