Course Descriptions

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LAW 681

Legal Writing Seminar for International Intellectual Property LLM Students

This is a year-long course designed to teach students in the International Intellectual Property LLM program how to research and write a scholarly academic paper of approximately 25 to 30 pages on an intellectual property topic of their choosing. The goal is to teach the students the principles of academic writing of a caliber suitable for publication in a law journal. In the first semester, the course teaches students how to conduct legal research, both in print materials and through computer research. The class also teaches students the academic standards of proper attribution, quotation, and plagiarism, including some training in how to put citations in proper BlueBook format. By the end of the first semester, students have written the title, introduction, and Part I of their papers. In the second semester, the class teaches students how to write Part II (normative section offering a solution to the problem), Part III (section responding to criticisms of the proposal), and the Conclusion of the paper. Each student also presents her paper to the entire class and responds to questions from the class.