Special LL.M. & Overseas Training Programs: Gdańsk, Poland

Chicago-Kent and the University of Gdańsk have organized the School of American Law at the University of Gdańsk. The School of American law offers 140 hours of instruction in English on topics in American law at University of Gdańsk. Topics vary from year to year, but typically include: Contracts, International Business Transactions, Legal Writing, Introduction to American Law, E-Commerce, Corporate Responsibility, and Criminal Law.

Students who successfully complete the School of American Law program and are approved by our faculty for admission to the LL.M. program in U.S., International & Transnational Law, can complete the LL.M. degree in Chicago in one semester.

Applicants must hold a first degree in law, and should be proficient in English. All applicants are required to submit an application form including a personal essay, law school transcripts, and two references.

Program Contact Information

Professor Agnieszka Cenzartowicz


Professor Richard Warner


Prospective students for the University of Gdańsk program should contact Agnieszka Cenzartowicz via email at acenzartowicz@kentlaw.iit.edu as soon as possible.

Program Faculty

Richard Warner

Professor of Law
Director, School of American Law

Edward Carter

Adjunct Professor
Assistant Illinois Attorney General

Agnieszka Cenzartowicz

Adjunct Professor
Program Manager for the East-West Management Institute/Partners for Financial Stability

Thomas Hill

Visiting Professor of Law
Coleman Fellow, Illinois Institute of Technology

Igor Solodovnik

Adjunct Professor
Research Assistant for Partners for Financial Stability (PFS) Program East-West Management Institute, Inc.