A Diverse Program with a Global Reach

The IPMM program is proud of its graduates and their accomplishments.  Our students come from a variety of academic backgrounds, including engineering, economics, business, finance, and law. We have alumni working in many diverse fields in countries all over the world!  See what some of them have to say about how the Intellectual Property Management & Markets program helped them to prepare for their career. 

"The skills I acquired in the IPMM Program have helped me to collaborate on various tax, finance, corporate law, technology, and marketing initiatives with IP implications much more quickly and easily than if I had no exposure to IP management concepts and practices. More specifically, I am able to spot issues that may arise because of the circumspect view the IPMM Master's program afforded me."

Kristine Scott, Class of 2014
Director, Intellectual Property Management Aon, plc

"My M.S. in IPMM was a stepping stone in helping me to understand the entire life-cycle of IP and changed my perspective towards viewing IP as an asset. I benefited a lot from the courses by learning various facets of IP, concepts of IP monetization, interacting with various industry speakers, and having a chance to groom myself with constant classroom interactions and projects. The capstone gave me hands-on experience of what it is like to be an IP management professional."

Molika Gupta, Class of 2014
Technology Commercialization, General Motors

"The IPMM program provided me a deep understanding of how intangible assets can be aligned with business strategy to drive competitive advantage and interesting revenue opportunities. I believe these newly acquired skills will set me apart to achieve my career goals. I recommend the program to anyone interested in innovation, technology, and business strategy who wants to understand the importance of IP in today's economy. After the program, you will see intangible assets from a unique perspective!"

Luise Soriano, Class of 2016

"Most of the research projects my company is involved in are part of the very early stage of our clients' business plans. Confidentiality and IP are topics that cannot be avoided. The IPMM program gave me the ability to speak the same language with my clients when we talk about IP. I have credibility that helps achieve our business opportunities because of my IP 'mindset' and the know-how of how to design IP protection mechanisms."

Yi Fu, Class of 2014
Datatang, China

"This program picks up where law school leaves off. The curriculum teaches what to do with IP after you get it. I learned how to use IP analytics tools to manage large IP portfolios, conduct business intelligence, and devise global IP filing strategies."

Seth TeBeest, Class of 2014
Instructor, IPMM Program