Master of Intellectual Property Management and Markets (IPMM) Online Study Options

State and federal laws require colleges and universities to be authorized to offer online degree programs in states other than their own. View Illinois Institute of Technology's state authorization for online programs.

Master of IP Management & Markets (IPMM)—Remote Study

Although the IPMM program is primarily a residential program, students also have an option to attend the IPMM program on a remote basis. Remote students will need to complete the two-week intensive courses that take place at the start and end of the program in residence in Chicago. The remainder of the courses may be taken either online or in residence. Remote students virtually “attend” the on-campus classes.  Students will join with on-campus students for project work by forming virtual teams.  The entire program is designed to build the skills of the 21st century. Both remote and residential students build their networks and expand their universe through working together.

Online Certificate in Intellectual Asset Management (IAM)

We offer a three-course online certificate in IAM for persons who might already be engaged in some aspects of intellectual asset management and wish to enhance their skills. Students complete a course in Patent Analytics, along with a course in Acquiring IP and a course in Maximizing IP. The certificate program may be entered in any semester. Those who complete the IAM certificate and then decide to complete the entire master's program may enter the master's IPMM course of study with advanced standing.  

Online Course in Patent Analytics & Landscape Reports

We offer an online course in Patent Analytics & Landscape Reports that consists of 12 units over a 10-week term. The course is typically offered in the summer term with classes beginning in May. Students who complete the Patent Analytics course can apply to enter the IAM certificate program and complete the remaining two courses to earn the certificate.