Each applicant will have access to Applicant Status Online (ASO), which provides real-time access to check the status of the application throughout the admissions process. The ASO portal is integrated with each applicant's existing account and does not require separate login credentials. Applicants are responsible for making sure that their files are complete and should check ASO to confirm that the Office of Admissions has received all of the required application documents. The Office of Admissions also uses email as one of the primary methods of communicating with applicants. Please be sure to check your email regularly.

Admissions decisions are announced in writing only and will be released both online through ASO and by email beginning November 1. Information about applicants is not released to third parties. Decisions are made continuously until the Admissions Committee has reviewed all completed applications. The Committee does not review applications that are incomplete.

Decisions on completed applications may be made in as short a period as two weeks or as long a period as several months. The period of time varies according to the total number of applications received, when in the admissions cycle the file is completed, and the time required to review an applicant's qualifications and evaluate them on their own merit and in comparison to the rest of the applicant pool.

After an applicant's file has been reviewed by the Admissions Committee, a decision is made to admit, deny admission, or place the applicant on the waitlist for further consideration later in the admissions process. Applicants are advised of the decision, including placement on the waitlist. Candidates whose qualifications place them in the middle of the applicant pool are more likely to receive a waitlist decision.

Admission is subject to approval by the dean, pursuant to policies established by the faculty of the law school and the officers and trustees of Illinois Institute of Technology.