Employment Issues and Information for International Students

On-campus employment

Both F1 and J1 students may work on-campus without special permission from the U.S. immigration authority. The on-campus employer will arrange authorization from IIT's International Center. On-campus employment must not exceed 20 hours per week during the semester or 40 hours per week when school is not in session or during the annual vacation. You can not work on-campus if you violate your F1 or J1 status in any way (such as by dropping to less than full-time enrollment, leaving the country without travel authorization, working off-campus or other actions or omissions). Violation of the student's F1 or J1 status automatically nullifies any employment authorization from the International Center that the student may have.

Off-campus employment

Work permits are required for all off-campus employment and may be granted by the U.S. immigration authority for paid practical training. In general, students with F1 visas may apply for a 12-month period of Optional Practical Training (OPT) which begins after the completion of their study. Students with J1 visas may apply for academic training, but certain restrictions may apply. Please contact IIT's International Center (Tel. (312) 567-3680, icenter@iit.edu) for more information about employment.