Social Security Information

In past years, it was recommended that all international students obtain a Social Security Number. However, due to new government regulations, Social Security Numbers (SSN) will no longer be issued to international students unless they are employed on or off campus.

Your Student Identification Number (SID or CWID) is a number that begins with an A followed by 8 digits that will be used as your identification number at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law.

This number can be obtained through Elizabeth Kabulski if you have not already received it. If you will be employed on or off campus, you must apply for a Social Security Card. To obtain a Social Security Card, you must first get a letter from your employer. Take this letter to the IIT International Center to obtain an additional letter issued by the school. Once you have obtain the letter from your employer and the letter from the International Center, take it along with your student ID card, passport, and I-20/DS-2019 to the Social Security Office, located downtown at 77 W. Jackson. Your Social Security Card will come in the mail approximately three weeks after you file an application with the Social Security Office.

Allow plenty of time for this visit and bring a good book to read while you wait.

Download more information about Social Security.