U-Pass Information for International Students

We are pleased to announce that Chicago-Kent is joining with the Chicago Transit Authority to provide the Ventra Pass (U-Pass) to all day division students who are considered full-time, including LL.M. students, for the  academic year. The Ventra Pass (U-Pass) is a discount fare card that replaces cash for all CTA fares and can be used for unlimited rides on all CTA buses and trains. The Ventra Pass (U-Pass) also qualifies holders for discounts of up to 50% at over 750 merchants throughout Chicago.

For more information about the Ventra Pass (U-Pass) Program, please visit CTA's U-Pass Website.

Please note: We regret that due to the structure of the Ventra Pass (U-Pass) Program, evening students and part-time day students, and International LL.M. and exchange students who are registered for fewer than 12 credit hours are not eligible for the U-Pass.